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often i'm asked how do you fix loops and lumps in dreadlocks,so i made this thread to clear up a few misunderstandings.

loops: loops in dreads mean dreads are dreading. theres nothing to "fix" since theres nothing wrong.
dreads are knots, knots are formed from loops.
some crazy big loops when tightened up become bumps or surface texture but most loops disappear by themselves.

lumps: lumps are formed by loops and uneven dreading. lumps add texture they make dreads interesting and unique lumps make your dreads yours they are like the swirls in a fingerprint that makes that fingerprint identifiably your own. without lumps and surface features your dreads look like any ol fake dreads (dread wigs) or overworked boring dreads without personality (like johnny cleans)
again lumps are nothing that needs fixing because they are meant to be in dreads to make dreads look like dreads.

kinks and zig zags: sometimes loops can result in kinks or zig zags, again these are features that add charachter and therefore dont need fixing. zig zags are beautiful and unique.

ways to fix whats not broken, and ways to destroy dreads for the sake of uniformity:
excessive palm rolling: if you palm roll like a mamiac when hairs wet you might be able to make your dreads more boring.

the dreaded lock docta: dreadheadhq the company that loves profiting off of destroying dreads has come op with the most expensive felting needle you'll ever find. saying you should "release" the loops lumps and zig zags by poking it with the lock docta. so whats felting do to dreads? total destruction! releasing the loops and lumps means ripping apart every hair the needle touches!. you "fix" a loop and a week later the dread falls off.

so the best thing to do is learn to appreciate the loops lumps kinks and zig zags and be proud of how they make your dreadlocks yours.

post pics of your favorite loops lumps kinks and zig zags!

Tags: fixing, kinks, loops, lumps, zags, zig

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crazy congo
ill add more when i take some more
Hahah too cool.

☮soaringeagleॐ said:

crazy congo
ill add more when i take some more
peyote stiches could be used.
those look awesome rags
After I T&R'd mine they have loopy bumpy areas and I hope they stay. Its funny how one of the first conversations I had on this site was with SE and I was telling him how I wanted even uniform dreads. Now I am hoping for different sizes and lumps and zig zags and whatever else they want to do :)
haha thats awesome!

i hear that alot ppl think they want boring johnny clean dreads only to discover they end up loving the 1 dread that goes completely wild

im so glad none of mine are anything like any others
I have this one dread in the back of my head that to me looks like an ivy vine. It has little loops coming off of it like "leaves" and its long and skinny. Its my favorite dread! I wish all of them were so cool! My other dreads have knots and bumps...I have one thats crooked. Some are fat some are thin, I love them cause they are a reflection of *me* (smiles) I wouldnt trade my locks for anything in the world cause to me they are perfect.
i know how ya feel i think its kinda odd to want a unique style like dreads but not want them to be unique in any way
i find all my loops lumps and zigzags eternally fascinating cause even after 2 decades theyre still always changing and always new unique features to discover
This is my 4 month time dreads are just full of loops and zig zags. peace

they are ammmaaazzzzzinng
Ive some wicked lumps and bumps - and wouldn't have it any other way!! Took a photo (below) of my favourite 2 the other day......

those are wild i love em
i really cant understand why people want to fix lumps and loops whats worth fixing?

this is how dreads are supposed to look

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