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Practical reasons for starting naturally

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15 hours ago
alot of people think lock peppa works because it seems to help create knots, but lock peppa does nothing to create knots it just causes the hair to seem more knotted

lock peppa does have 1 ingredient that might actually do something, a chemical that dries out hair making it brittle but also less slippery.
the rest of the ingredients can be concidered grit, or dirt, 1 being rosin is grit thats stickt and adheres to the hairs as ilustrayed below in my very lame drawing

the hairs on the left are smooth and clean the ones on the right have lock peppa clinging to9 the shafts

when the hair is backcombed to9 create knots it seems to get knotty faster because of the barbed like texture that causes the hairs to grop eachother as if knotted even when no knots are physicaly pressent.

1 wash and the lock peppa washes out , some knots remain ofcourse because backcombing does cause somer knotting but theres nowhere near the knots u thiught u had.

this is why i say lock peppa literaly does nothing..just causes the illusion of causing knots.

when you add wax, the knors u had wont slip out the lock peppa wont wash out so you dont seem to lose much progress
but then again the wax prevents new knots so you gain no progress either you just compress the few exosting knots into wax
this candle some think of as a dread wont really mature soinc4 theres not a whole lot of knots to begin with

some people love to argue that it does create knots so think a does a powder create knots?

lock peppa does nothing at all except give you flaky hair

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plus its toxic to breathe it and your sprinkling on your head where its easy to breathe

the vido where the crazy salt lady is sprinkling it all over that poor kid shes coughing alot
i know pine specificly pitch pine when burned causes pine fever a nasty cpugh like that and u gotta chew pine sap or needles to cure it i wonder if rosin causes the same symptoms

Knottysleeves said:
Just the idea of sealing that powder into your dreads by applying wax over top... EWWWW.

I did ballet for several years, and rosin is what dancers grind their pointe shoes into so the surface gets roughed up and they grip better on the floor. I cannot even imagine putting that crap on my hair. Yeah, it's a natural substance (mostly made from pine tree resin) but still. Ick!
yes i use to have this stuff, sadly. It was a nightmare using all of that stuff. it was truly a waste of money to spend that much on shampoo and stuff... BUT! it does work well for making up hand soap and maybe even washing the car...but I wouldn't put that junk in my hair again! it takes forever to rinse out, especially in locks.

of course, the topic is about lock peppa, i got carried away...if you look up the ingredients of the product, you get these products:

Gimborn R-7 Ear Powder for Cats and Dogs

You talk about something sick!

the more i find out about him and his products the more im tota,y convinced hes just a scam artists

ya know i think we may need a whole new forum section called 'evidence against dread profiteers'
wow! i had no idea it was ear hair remover. i used it during backcombing and i used to palm roll the shit into my dreads... luckily it didnt do much damage and i think its all out
Wow! I'm very glad I read this! Thanks everyone for detailing your experiences. Buying some Lock Peppa was on my to-do list for today, but not anymore!
dont buy any dread products at all they all suck

Z Amandalia said:
Wow! I'm very glad I read this! Thanks everyone for detailing your experiences. Buying some Lock Peppa was on my to-do list for today, but not anymore!
better scam is sell a pinch of salt worth 2 cents for 10 bucks

oh wait dreadheadhq already came up with that scam
the only dread products i would ever recoomened are beads and patience
Wooooow. This is truly incredible. Johnny Clean is a real piece of work eh! Minty ear powder. Just wow.
holy shit, lol, thats crazy.
The thing I do like about lock peppa  is that it, although temporary, helps my dreads stay "put together" and not messy. I can't get a more polished look any other way for when I go out. I have tried gels and they just don't help at all and leave my hair looking worse with a sticky residue. It feels like major build up. Gross. Anyway I try to only wash once a week because when I do the loose hairs are crazy all over the place. I love having the dreads and it's been a very spiritual experience, but the loose hairs drive me crazy sometimes.

they will unless u ignore tge fact that theyre there.. just pay no attention to them

i would not piut that crap in my hair its toxic  to breathe  and pointless

just let yoir dreads dread and they'll be fine


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