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Chelsea Maeve said
"When I don't palm roll my roots turn into a beaver tail. Flaaaat flat flat."
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"well all things concidered they lok better then expected the crochet as horible as that is didnt…"
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"welcome the crochet was a really bad uidea! and yiu should stop palm rolling too"
29 minutes ago
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"Not undid ^^^ I DID"
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I'm on month five of my journey, undid the twist and rip method my self ( never done it before ) so…See More
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Kendzie said
"It's been a very long time since I've visited this site. Since then, I've cut off most of my dreads (I had around 5? 6?) I've kept my eldest"
48 minutes ago
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"your causaing a chemical reaction that creates a completely unwanted chemical  ..that will…"
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"Hi!  Thanks for the feedback.  I don't feel that the crocheting did any damage to my…"
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Hmmmm, I keep finding knotty ends that on closer inspection are actually knots formed around bits of fluff and lint. i have had to remove the end knots of a few dreads as the bits of crap could not be teased out with tweezers. Yick!

I am a very hygienic person and keep my dreads super clean so I don't understand why, but it does all seem to look like it comes from one particular wooly jumper... 

I saw someone with dreads the other day and they had visible balls of fluff fully imbedded in the ends of their locs, which was gross. 

But not all of my dreads are long enough for me to look at the ends closely, so what about them?! I'm guessing mature dreads don't get stuff stuck in them because they are tight?

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they did the trick for me! and i had alot..that was in there years like 4 or 5 years and the bars took it right out

I ended up examining every single dread and found that LOADS were fully locked around bits of fluff and crap, which took ages to remove, but I would rather have loose ends than UNKNOWN STUFF imbedded in my hair! xxx

I have the same problem & I have a bad habit of doing the same, picking through, untangling the ends and pulling all the lint out. It actually winds around the hairs and binds them together so I end up undoing loose ends to pull the lint off the strands of hair. Probably not the best habit. I just vowed to fight the bad wrap dreads get of being 'dirty'. I don't want to give anyone ammunition. The weird thing is I don't find as much in my daughters dreads. Hers are a few months older than mine, perhaps that is why. I use the Viciki's dreadlock bars and liquid shampoo and I still get the lint. I think perhaps it's the towels I am using, I think I will just buy some brown towels, then maybe I won't notice as much. I've included some pics of what this looks like.
Here is another photo
I've had problems with that. The usual bicarb/acv deep clean can help. I've also found that using the neutrogena t-gel will get residue/lint out really well if left on the entire length of your dreads for around ten minutes.
I would also occasionally use a small amount of coconut oil on the ends to help loosen any stubborn bits, worse case scenario is that the ends may loosen a little but it's better than having lint stuck in them. Superdrug sell a little tub for around £3 and it lasts ages.

I find this happening to me as well,  using microfiber towels and the DLS helps. :)  A coworker of mine has dreads with visible lint, she doesnt seem to give a hoot.. But lint in My hair bothers Me, lol. :) Best of luck to everyone!

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