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Hi all.. my name's amanda. Ive been wanting dreadlocks for a couple years now but didnt know how to go about it... i used to dye my hair a lot of crazy colors and it started thinning also (i used to have very thick hair) and so i held off on the dreads fearing they would show my hair thinning etc.

boy was i wrong... i think dreads are the best thing i've ever let happen to my head. my hair is growing in thicker, i dont have to over wash it so much (my scalp is VERY oily... i.e. if i dont wash my hair for a day my hair will get stringy and i cant deal with it.)

my hair by nature is extremely knotty.. i dont know why, it isnt curly or anything, straight brown hair, but if the wind blows the wrong way i will get knots in my hair. so i have only been letting my hair go for about 2 weeks now...and it is already all knots already. there is definitely some dreadage going on.

i do have a big Q tho: unfortunately my hair is kind of becoming a big rats nest (one big knot) in the back of my head and its a little ridiculous looking. i can feel individual dreads, but they are all interlocked. not sure what to do about this...

anyway i will post pics so you can see how nuts my hair gets.. literally, it has been 2 weeks. and i am having some strands that "resemble" dreadlocks. this must be the hairstyle for me..

also i do wash my hair every day, well my scalp(w/ v. small amount of soap), and rinse it.. i feel like i have to because my scalp just gets so oily. but i've been noticing that its getting a little better for some reason. hmmm. ihavent had a chance to get any no residue soap yet though which sucks because i can feel the residue in my hair building up. but i probably will this weekend.

anyway thanks for reading hopefully someone can offer me some insight on how to fix my nest lol. also if there is a soap that might help control some oils on my scalp and help with dandruff (i know, oily scalp and dandruff.. i cant get a break.) groovy thanks!

Tags: new dreads, oily hair, seperating dreads

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oh not sure how to edit this, but my hair is also about a little over a foot long. so i dont know if that like makes a difference

wheres the pic? but separate often pull dreads away from eachother seperating the connected hairs

alsp washing strips oils which makes u produce more oils..wash every 2..then 3  datsa maybe go as far as 4 and u will see u start to be less oily

these are the best


When you wash every day, like Eagle said, your hair keeps over-producing oils.  If you wash less often, your scalp will readjust itself and you will begin to produce only the oils that it needs.

Get a non-residue soap ASAP.  But before you use it, get dawn dish soap and get the residue that is building up out.  

And to separate them, just grab 2 that are tangles together and pull them apart down to as close to your scalp as you can.  You don't want to  have scalp showing between them, but you want them to be as autonomous as possible.  This is a process you will be doing as long as you have locks, so get used to how to do it.  Unless you want them to get thicker, you don't want to let them congo together.  

sorry so late getting back to this. anyway, i will do the dawn dishsoap. im unemployed right now so i havent gotten a chance to get some non residue soap. i have been seperating the dreads every day and they are doing great. thank you both for the advice. 



If you want to go the cheap method, get a big box of BS and a gallon size dbottle of ACV.  Both will cost you under $15 and will last for a year

yea that could use a lil attention to seprating  and if u cant affiord non residue soap then use the baking soda acv recipe

awesome i use baking soda to wash my face so i will just do that. yea they are kinda messy.. and that is a "good" pic. should i like rip apart the hairs that are connecting them at the top? its just like loose hairs kind of that are webbed together and connecting the tops of them. or should i try to untangle them.

i have a job interview tomorrow so im trying to figure out some way i could make them look a little neater instead of so rats-nest esque

rip the connecting hairs apart just pull the dreads away from eachother   if u do it often it wont hurt it might this time since u didnt for awhile it while wet nd u[its easier

i had just been ripping them up till the top but then there were all those little hairs that were connecting and i didnt know if i should rip em. but i will get started on that :p t/y.

It's also easier to rip when your hair is wet because water changes the hairs elasticity.  I tend to separate after washing because it's easier. 

Also, if you have some aloe vera you can use that to sort of suppress some of the wispy hairs for your interview.  Also, check out some of the posts in the hairstyles forums for some ideas as well.

I had a meeting for a position this past Friday and it went smoothly.  All I did was wash my hair, tame some frizzies and put it into a low side ponytail with a flower.  Easy and "presentable" enough to get rehired at a beauty supply store.  :)

Good luck!!

slowly space out your washing, mine was extremely oily too but using the baking soda washes i started spreading it out every 2 or 3 days. i use the dreadlocks lockin shampoo now instead of the baking soda most times, my hair will get oily after a few days but it's not as bad as it once was, switching up the wash routine really helps & makes a difference. 

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