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I can't remember where I heard this, but I heard that it will help your hair lock faster, is that true? If so, can't I mix it with my salt water to wet my hair (there are no oceans near me, so I use Instant Ocean salt water mix meant for salt water aquariums)?

And by the way, I'm new here and just started my dreadlocks with a loittle bit of backcombing about two weeks ago. I've read a bunch of topics on this forum and I find it very fun and informative. I'm very happy to be a member! =) And it's nice to finally say that it's nice to meet all you other dreadheads =D

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umm i9d use plain ol sea salt read the ingredients on what u use i bet its got additives sea salts cheap in a grocery store

but i know alottas ppl use lemon juice but i used it it made my hair super soft suprt fuzzy did the oposite of sea salt

stick with just sea salt but dont over do it
It's a product that uses the natural minerals in the ocean to almost perfectly replicate the marine environment for salt water wish in home aquariums. It wasn't very expensive at all and I've used it for fish in the past so I trust it to be at the very least very similar to an ocean environment. Hopefully it will work the same on hair as the actual ocean LOL. I also make sure that I even have the right specific gravity of ocean water (1.025). Thank you for your insight, I'm very happy to get a reply from you so fast because I've read a lot from you giving advice to others and you're very experienced in dreads, thank you very much! I will forget the lemon juice and just continue with the sea salt. How often would you suggest that I soak my hair in the sea water?

Again, I appreciate your advice. =)
u dont ever need to but it will help em lock so use your judgement once a week once a month if theyre too dry slack off if too oily or loose use a lil
u can add it to your baking soda cleanse if u use that thats what i do now and then its good to rinse it off after like 2 hours or less i only leave it on 5-10 min while i do the baking soda soak and it works plenty well without leaving it on
Thank you very much. I've already used it a couple of times so I will definitely lay off on the salt water for a while. I don't use baking soda, actually I don't shampoo, I don't like product because my hair always felt a lot better when it was rinsed thouroughly with water and a good scalp scrubbing. Before I began allowing my hair to dread (with the help of some initial backcombing) I didn't use shampoo either because when I did my hair was incredibly limp and oily, but when I used my nails to scrub my scalp and only allowed water in my hair it had a nice wave to it and a lot more volume. ^_^

How do you use your baking soda mix and do you think I should use that now that I'm dreading my hair?
if waters working for u use it but u might wanna do the bs now and then cause dreads aee lil harder to clean and the baking soda is a deep cleanse that will turn the rinse water a really gross dirty brown cause it cleans so well
u mix some baking soda in water (a tablespoon per cup) pour over wet dreads no scrubbing at all and let it soak 10 min then rinse then mix some apple cider vinager in water pour in soak 3 min then rinse
u can add teatree rosemary pepermint thyme lavender sea salt jojoba others according to scalp/hairs needs)_ i recomend teatree at least to make sure u never get lice) the herbs treat oiliness dandruff anything dryness whatever u need
also the apple cider vinager if dreads are young use it extra weak and rinse sooner (30 sec not 3 min) cause its conditioning slightly but it restores the ph to healthy levels

be sure u rinse the baking soda b4 using the vinegar unless u want a volcano on your head
Thank you for telling me how to use the baking soda, I think I'll give it a shot next week or so and if I like it will probably use it once a month. Since it's a deep cleanse does it strip your hair of it's natural oils or weaken it at all?

I didn't know about the apple cider vinager. I haven't heard of it actually, is it like white vinager? I use white vinager to clean dishes and my animal supplies because I don't trust other products not to leave a bad residue that could make me or my babies ill.
white vinagers fine too i use that alot as well

i dont find it causes any problems my scalps healthier then it ever was and it useed to be a mess
the vinager removes excess oils and any buildup which im sure u dont have any
the baking soda eats away dirt and dead skin and exfoliates
I didn't know that baking soda exfoliated! I'll be sure to pick up a can teh next time I'm at the store. Thanks for all of the helpful advice. I already have the vinager--I have a huge two gallon jug that sits under my sink xD LOL And of course I'll be sure not to mix the two O.O
What DOES happen when you mix them??? I'm intrigued by this volcano on your head concept.......
Sorry to go off topic a bit, but lemon juice is great for lightening your hair color.
the volcano on your head baking soda and acv combine create heat and foam and cause a 3rd chemical to form an acid

and yea lemon juice bleaches hair when exposed to sun or heat..very gradually tho
I think I heard that lemon juice can bleach skin, isn't that how some people get rid of freckles? Personally I don't know why anyone would want to get rid of freckles--I love freckles!

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