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Im needy (:

"Looks like your locking to me"
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"Nice! Please do report your experiences on the matter, and remember changing hair wash pattern will…"
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"I'm giving this a go now, washing frequently without worrying about twists constantly coming…"
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Im needy (:

8 days in. It's probably normal, just need reassurance. Looks like a nest on the back if my head.…
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Should I be conditioning my dreads? I've only had them for 8 days.
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"Thank you. I'm not too satisfied with the sectioning, but it's something. "
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4 years

4 years naturally locking
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"Well I do the massaging because it feels good, and this method is pretty much freeform because the…"
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Well, I'm back.  I tried dreads a few months ago and I was so unhappy with the back that I ended up combing them out.  Finally, I was missing them so much that I decided to try again.  This time, I did a lot more research on the dreading process and I got it much better this time.  I did the dreads smaller and I like them much better.

I've also put rubber bands on the end for now (not sure what the consensus is here for that).

I was looking at products during my research and saw Knotty Boy's locking gel.  Looking closer, it appears to be mostly aloe gel with some other things that are water soluble. This one intrigues me and I'm really tempted to get it.  Has anyone used this?  Any raves or rants?

And just for kicks, here's my NEW do!

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i used the knotty boy tightening gel during the first few weeks of my dreads. (I also went through a freak out period and got the "emergency dread rescue kit" which I never used). The tightening gel I used seemed to help dry them out. It did seem like they were tighter but only right after I put the gel in. The next day it was like I never used it. So I'd use more.. every day.. and the cycle repeated until i realized, this is how they make their money. I am still new, but I say save your money and just wait it out. I do think that it helped the congos to start.... which is when I got the rescue kit because i looked like i was growing like 3 giant dreads. but i grew some balls and got them seperated. i like the way my dreads feel much better without this goop.

So far, the only gel I have come across that is good for your locks is the locking gel from  Just about everything that Knotty Boy sells was never originally designed for locks.  It was just repackaged for them.  So I'd stay away from their locking gel too.  

As for the bands.  TAKE THEM OUT.   Rubber bands do only harm to your locks.  They are elastic.  That means that no matter how loosely you put them on, they constrict.  This causes weak spots on your locks and can pinch them until they snap off.  Bands also restrict all movement.  You hair needs to move in order to knot and tangle.  If you tie them down and hold them there, no hair gets out and move around creating knots.  So they actually prevent locking.  When you do finally decide to take them out, they tend to get so tangled with loose hairs that that they just rip them out with the band.  This makes your roots weaker, locks thinner, and untangles knots.  If you leave them in for extended periods of time, they can get lost in your lock and start to rot there.  This causes mold and mildew to grow inside of your hair.  

If you feel like you can not live without bands, ONLY put them in when you wash.  Then, even before they dry, take the bands out.  And even then, only put them on the very tips of your locks.  Don't worry about the roots.  The roots should always be in a constant state of tangle with each other.  This protects your scalp from damage.  When your roots and the body of your lock tangle together, just rip them apart.

If you really want to keep your locks separated, beads are a much better call

Yes, I agree with Baba! Take out the rubber bands! Your hair needs to be able to move freely to dread! Also, I wouldn't use anything from Knotty Boy or DHHQ! Just a waste of time and money! As for the gel from, I don;t know but ppl here say it works! I do know their soap bars work wonders!

Don't know what kind of maintenece you may do but all you should do is just keep them clean with the right stuff and seperate every cpl months to prevent congos!

i would never use anything from knottyboy aloe conditions which skows progress the lock ing gel from is the only 1 worth using but ebvebn then u do not need gel  the geks for hard to dreaad hair if u dont ned it why use it

butb boycott knottyboy dont buy a thing from them ever

and take the rubber bands out right away they are nithing but trouble

I knew I didn't want the bands in the top, but I didn't realize they'd prevent locking at the very tip.  So, thankfully, I don't have any bands at the roots, just the ends.  I'll take them out, but that scares me.  I really CAN'T handle if it all comes unraveled!

sure you can when you realize that u never had to tnr or backcomb to begin with if you started with straight combed hair and just stopped combing it would dread itself  so if it all falls out..guess what happens..yup it will dread itself just let it

They have to come unravled in order to lock.  If you constantly tighten them all the time, they never actually lock themselves.  In order to turn into dreadlocks, your hair needs to tangle.  So don't try to redo them when they do come unraveled.  While it may seem like it's a step backwards, it's forward progress

Okay... bands are out.  

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