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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to CoriElaine's discussion Having issues Updating Timeline..Help?
"ifu hgave the curser at thetop thats wherethey insert  so  click or use down aqrrow move…"
51 minutes ago
CoriElaine replied to DRS's discussion Baking Soda/Vinegar results...
"Did youever get the wax b gone and get that shit out of your lovely hair? :)"
1 hour ago
CoriElaine replied to Matt Simone's discussion ~~I Fell Victim to Dreadheadhq~~
"That would make an AWESOME shirt!!  "
1 hour ago
CoriElaine replied to Matt Simone's discussion ~~I Fell Victim to Dreadheadhq~~
"Isn't Barrellady awesome? Good luck on your journey!"
1 hour ago
CoriElaine replied to Supa Dread's discussion My Dread ressurrection from wax to natural
"Wow lookin great man. Im so glad youor dread could be saved! :) There are a handful of African boys…"
1 hour ago
CoriElaine replied to ☮ soaring eagle ॐ's discussion loops lumps kinks and zig zags in dreadlocks
"Flat dreads are totally normal. It happens from sleeping a lot on that spot, tying hair back…"
1 hour ago
CoriElaine replied to ☮ soaring eagle ॐ's discussion loops lumps kinks and zig zags in dreadlocks
"At two years now, a lot of my loops and whatknot ;D have settled down. the neglect ones (also the…"
2 hours ago
CoriElaine replied to MoorZ's discussion Lockin up liquid safe for mature dreads?
"Yup should be fine. MY dreads are at two years and I mostly use the bars, but I do use the liquid…"
2 hours ago
CoriElaine posted a discussion

Having issues Updating Timeline..Help?

I was trying to update my timeline and add some recent photos, but whenever I do they go all the…See More
2 hours ago
CoriElaine replied to CoriElaine's discussion My TnR/Neglect Timeline :D
"that's so awesome! Pretty much thet same way for me also! I only did about a row a month…"
2 hours ago
CoriElaine replied to Cynthia Luxford's discussion Am I too old to start dreadlocks for the first time?
"NEVER TOO OLD!! There are a lot of older women on this site with lovely dreadies :) GO FOR IT! <3"
2 hours ago

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LionsMane commented on ☮ soaring eagle ॐ's page dreadheadhq and knotty boy bad dread products real reviews
"I bought a a Knotty Boy "dread kit" years ago. Worst purchase I ever made; threw…"
2 hours ago

dread gurus
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"2 what methods what why do i suspect your just a spammer"
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NaturalDreads01 said
"Happy Halloween dreadies! :D"
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"Yeah I know. I'm definitely in the messy phase though!"
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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ left a comment for quartzacoatl_
17 hours ago

just got some natural soap, ing are: olive oil, palm & coconut oil, glycerine shea nut butter, patchouli,lavender and pine needle oil, cocoa powder and rosemary extract. Will this stuff be safe for my dreads?? Am unable to source any 'dread shampoo' per ce and didn't know if this would do the job? The guy that sold it said it would be fine, But he was the guy selling it lol Any help (as always) will be much appreciated

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if you have african hair maybe but theres a lot  lot lot of conditioners in that

dr. bronners is safe for dreads when diluted and the one u found has similar ingredients (oils), so maybe try diluting it some?

well except bronners i s super concentrated this isnt this has shae  and glyceerin bronners dont and bronners doesnt work in hard water!

I make soap, with that many oils, it all depends on his it cold process lye soap? and how old are your dreads? (I bet it smells wonderful.) I've found that olive oil as the largest percentage of oils makes a soap too conditioning for dreads most of the time. A good way for you to make a guess, when you use it on your skin, does it rinse clean or does it leave a filmy feel?


exactly or  if it leaves anything on a glass

bronners rinses super easy for me but i use the www.dreadlockshampoo.fom shampoos which are awesome

ifg u make soaps  do u havbe a shop in our shops yet?

Na, you got a great selection already out here! Fabulous crafty it. I run a small hippie type shop, barely have enough time to keep the family supplied anymore. It would be a terrible thing to make them use 'store bought'!


Thankyou all once again, I tried using some diluted, butmy dreads are still very young ( hardly constitute as dreads lol) Yeah the stuff smells awesome, however it did not have the same effect as when I use S.e's baking powder method which has had excellent effects. Believe this is a bit to oily and has left my hair uber soft and much loser tahn before! I think I may try some of this bronners stuff, thanks once again for the advice. This really is an excellent community! I hope that one day I can contribute too instead of just asking all the questions lol. Much Love! Xx

I guarantee you will be able to help other's with new dreads almost immediately!

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