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interlocking dreadlocks is a very bad idea and can cause dreads to break off, just today 12 people found our site wile using search terms simular to "are my dreads falling off because i interlocked" or "has interlocking caused my dreads to break" thats 12 people in 1 day whos dreads ad broken off due to interlocking
i've4 posted other threads about the dangers of interlocking but still for some reason some still think its a good idea

for many years ive heard horror stories about root flipping causing dreads to break, the word was out that root flipping was the worse thing you could do to dreads
so how did dread salons respond? did they stop root flipping? no, tey simply renamed it interlocking, now suddenly clueless new dreadheads who looked for acuratre info ad noting to go on since tey searched for a newly named interlocking instead of the infamouse root flipping.

now more and more people are questioning if interlocking also is bad
(hundreds of times tihs month weve been found under terms like is interlocking bad)

people are realizi8ng the damage it causes, but most find out too late.. when they are crying over lost dreads

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what is interlocking?
It's amazing to me that people still do this. I mean I understand the wax debate, and the crocheting debate, and all the other debates...but this is just common knowledge. I'm pretty sure even Knottyboy and DHHQ tell you not to pull this move.
glad u asked it makes no sence at all
tey split the roots in 2 and push entire dread through the gap pulling it out the other side
it causes the area to be very weak with the roots twisted
it also removes the room roots need to dread so no natural dreading occurs till they grow out but most interlockers dont allow that they instead keep forcing unaturakl root tightness and weakness till dreads fall off

LowRyderMan said:
what is interlocking?
SE iv gotten some of my dreads interlocked once & the last time im ever doing it.. about like 6 months ago when i asked to get my yarn braid things removed.. the lady just went ahed and started interlocking some of my dreadlocks... :s Are my dreads still going to be fine? they seem fine too me just my root Hair seems larger then some of my dreadlocks is that normal? =S
what do u mean by seeming larger tat maybe normal
ard to say witout seeing
and well you'll ave a week spot where it was done..if it was just done once it;ll just be a weak point that wont nesacarily break..but wen its done alot its not just a weak point but a very weak area

edit: actualy i cant really tell you what will appen or not i know interlocking can cause breakage i cant say it always does just tat its well known to cause broken dreeads often
id guess if it was only done once ten youd ave a weak point tat will be more easily broken thhen if it was never done but tat dont mean your going to lose a dread ewver..
if it was done alot odviosly te risk is greatter...
i hope your lucky and have no issues

K E A Z said:
SE iv gotten some of my dreads interlocked once & the last time im ever doing it.. about like 6 months ago when i asked to get my yarn braid things removed.. the lady just went ahed and started interlocking some of my dreadlocks... :s Are my dreads still going to be fine? they seem fine too me just my root Hair seems larger then some of my dreadlocks is that normal? =S
ill show u some pics sometime this week of them SE. like 3 of my of my dreadlocks at the root it's like flat/wide undreaded hair there not coming out straight.. There just coming out flat/wide there not matching the rest of my dreadlocked hair. Im just wondering if thats normal for some roots to come out like that & would it straighted out over time?
no all hair i met an african amerrican inj a drs office started adking bout my dreads ten puled 3 dreads out of is wallet ande asked wy tey broke off ande was cause of interlocfking
the ppl u saw probloy had some break but its not like every single dread breaks and if 3-6 dreads broke sort u might not notice

lots of bad shits being pused more and more
what are u talking about they say they LOOK good lookinmg good is not the same as being good that does not prove they wpnt break off
everyone here knew not to root flip or interlock..not 1 of them did it (1 did have it done to them and they had no idea whar interlocking was or how bad it was.. )
99% knew interlocking was bad...if they knew what interlocking wass..most donmt because it makes no sence
when u explain to them what interlocking is they will say that doesnt sound like a good idea at all

again you are 1 out of 900 that thonk interlocking is a goof idea..that is a fact.. and saying they look good is no deffence.. felted dreads look good if u like fake looking dreads but they fall apart and break
many things used ti make dreads look good are very bad for dreads
there is no way you can prove interlocking is not bad for dreads becaise everyone knows it is vad for dreads..if they know anything about it at all that is
i have held dreads in my hand that broke from interlocking.. a guy in a drs office started asking mt why his broke..all hed done was interlock

ive helped ppl with dreads for maybe 8 years on other sites b4 comming here..ive heard of dozens of dreads breaking

the reason u dint hear more is so few ppl inyterlock less then 1/2 a percent of the 1/2 a percent 80
5 are salon dreads that dont last a year anyway so maybe cut before breaking

you wont have your proof till his dreads break so im closing this thread for now to end this stupidity

Ryan Emmel said:
Vinny, DHHQ does instruct to rootflip. FYI.

Lets get some firsthand accounts. So far, I'm seeing hearsay, second hand evidence, and the "common sense" argument even though it's common knowledge that there's no such thing as common sense. Also, even if the community as a whole agreed that it was bad, that would not mean that it is, in fact, bad. It would mean that everyone thought it was bad. Until we have testimony from someone who has interlocked, lost a dread, and did not engage in other damaging dreading methods, SE hasn't presented any credible evidence.

Rastavanny is doing his best to prove that interlocking is not harmful. He's demonstrating using his own hair. The burden of proof lies with those opposed. Find some people who can tell us straight up what happened.
well said.. and it only takes 1 bit of bad advice among thousands of good advice to screw things up for someone

if 900 ppl say its a bad idea and only 1 thinks its a good idea maybe that 1 should just do it quietl;y and find out for themselves but to insist its ok despite the fact that everyone else says its not is just goiunmg to harm somneone else who beliecves u

like i said before your free to screw uop your own hair just dont screw up others
As a correction, this is a forum to promote healthy habits for healthy dreads. I believe it is a positive thing to question why interlocking is bad, I would myself like to know the exact mechanics of how it it causes breakage even though I have an idea in mind.

However, it is quite widely accepted that root flipping is bad and there are many stories of peoples dreads breaking off because of it and other things like palm rolling. SE gave the information about it that he knows. At this point you either don't believe him and are still not willing to search for the information yourself, in that case do whatever you's your hair. Or, you are trolling which would be cause for banning.....again from what SE said.

If you can give proof that interlocking doesn't harm dreads and that it is actually useful in some way then please, do share your information.
well you know tyong a knot will cause it to breakl its alot like that althoughj the weakness compounds itself

ok mechanics, your splitting the roots in 2, forcing a dread through the hole and oulling it out the other side, that twists the roots on either side of the gap a fill 180 degrees then theyy do it again on a right angle the hairs are under alot of torque tention they are unaturakly tight to the scalp so no dreading can happen cause they cant move to dread
additionalt the torgue is constantly trying to untwist and cause the dread tio come vack out..they dont but the pressures there to untwist

its really 1 of the 2 worse things u can possibly do to dreads..and its pointless since roots dread themselves if u alow them to..interlocking stops root dreadonmg and replaces it with root twisting and tention

most ppl who do root flipping have reallt thin dreads too so the gap needed isnt so big..he has fat dreads so the gap needed to force a dread through is quit the weakness logicly would be much greatter just due to the size of the gap

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