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"just a tip  dont wear the tam nonstop they gootta be free to hang and move"
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Zach Hersey's discussion Considering wax or something to help my dreads..
"dont let ppl with fake  dreads tell u whatnyour dreads should look like theres nothing wrong…"
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dread gurus
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"Looks like you wanna loosen em up somehow and let them re-work? I dunno. Got a whole head shot?"
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crafty crafters
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"Depends on what you're doing. I know with bleaching if you do little at a time, a few times…"
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crafty crafters
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Zach Hersey replied to Zach Hersey's discussion Considering wax or something to help my dreads..
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crafty crafters
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5 hours ago

i need biblical references to dreadlocks my church kicked me out for wanting to dread

Okay I was referred to this site from yahoo answers because I could not find answers to my questions. About six months ago I was kicked out of a church for growing my hair out and my intentions to dread and the beard did not help lol. Anyways I keep hearing people say there are biblical references to dreadlocks and what not but nobody can give them to me. So what are biblical references to dreads in the bible? Any info would be great, thanks ahead of time!

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Duuuude im not religious at all but if i was i wouldnt go to the money grabbing church to praise (THEY HAVE THERE OWN CITY! WTF) i would go outside and site with the birds and bees (and if u believe this sort of stuff all of gods creations) and praise the lord for a what wondurful job he has done :)
if they kicked you out because of that maybe its time to find a new church.

seeing as christianity is about loving others as yourself, accepting other peoples differences, and loving them just the same. its about becoming more like jesus and reaching out to the poor and needy, not about discriminating just because of someone's hair.
John the Baptist had dreadlocks and Jesus' brother had them down to his ankles. Samson had seven locks and when they were cut he lost his great strength.

Can't really prove it as it they are not around today.... I will try to find a reference but don't hold me to that :) Hope that helps

Also....if they kidded you out, I agree with the others. Find a new church! They have forgotten to 'Love thy neighbour' and all that.

☮soaringeagleॐ said:
but honestly any church that would dare kick u out for your hair is a church worth having nothing to do with
i'd tell the preist "fine, kick me out i'll just create my own that makes sense and yours will crumble and fall..remember judhe not lest the be judged? well ye be judged ye be judged guilty of turning your flock away from god, guilty of predjuduce and hatred. who would christ want by his side a man who simply wants to be a "good christian" (whatever that means) or a preist who wants to control how his parishoners dress look think and act through force and fear of being cast out?

jesus said, come onto me, not get the hell out..

my locks have a greatter chance of getting me into heaven then your church ever did anyway..
Sister Rags is right about the controlling aspect! Sometimes events like this in our life are eye-openers into what power we have been allowing others to have over us. In this case, an entire congregation. That is not a loving environment; I wish you some peace.

Sister Rags said:
How horrifying that your church has an issue with dreadlocks. I guess now I HAVE heard it all.

Please search all around online, for there is a load of info about Jews and early Christians having dreads. LOADS of info. Read about the Nazarites...just one group.

As for a beard...WTH?!?! The Bible CLEARLY states that every man over the age of 13 should have a beard. Orthodox Jews never shave off their beards, under any circumstances except medical necessity.

But I will be very blunt: Any church that is so controlling is not a spiritually healthy environment. Please take that into serious consideration.
the preist kicked you out for being holier then him, most likely he had just finnished molesting an alterboy and then saw you being holier then he ever could be and he feared you

start your own church
u wont have to pay taxes and you'll always have alterboys to bow to your authority and kiss your ass (literaly)

sorry dont mean to be insulting just find it pretty ironic that the church accepts and protects molesters but how dare you let your hair get tangled?
in my opinion unless you are looking at the ORIGINAL version written at the time of Jesus then none of them are accurate. It is just the people who wrote itand their interpretation. I was dragged to church as a child and it always bored me to tears. The most fun I ever had that was church related was vacation bible school when we went camping on the church grounds. Otherwise I just don't get it. I don't need to go somewhere and sit for hours with people who judge you the whole time to pay homage to my god. (Mother Nature not even "God') I get judged enough as a person who is obese and tall and outgoing. I don't need it from majority close-minded individuals.
I'd stay away from that church... lol. They would've kicked out all kinds of Biblical figures - - Moses, John the Baptist, Yeshua Christ, Samson... However they were Nazirites (well, except Moses) and from what I understand the Nazirite vow cannot be taken as the temple to which the vow is taken is destroyed... this is a Jewish perspective... however, if you believe that the temple of Christ transcends wood and stones then by all means take the vow!
I have never seen anything about dreads in the Bible
did you read the thread? there are several mentions.
There are also different types of Bibles, mine says Sampson had long hair not locks, sand mine doesn't mention john the Baptist hair at alll, not saying that they are not in there, just haven't seen any myself. I use nkjv, they could be reading niv, nlt, kjv, or the message. All bibles have different translations. But I agree with most, if his church is judgiing him and kicking him out because of dreads that's not christian like at all and he should pray and ask God to show him where he needs to be.

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