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dread gurus
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dread gurus
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"welcome but i feel i should tell u the crochet was a bad idea that causes extremed damage and 1 use…"
7 minutes ago
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crafty crafters
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crafty crafters
Nim Davis posted a photo

Two weeks

Two weeks of my new dreads! No maintaining and done with backcombing them tight.
23 minutes ago
interrstella loved Tribal Ali's discussion ELF-LOCKS, FAIRY-lOCKS, WITCH’S KNOTS and DREADLOCKS – The Cultivation of the Wild Woman Spirit – Can Hair Mirror the Soul?
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bands and musicians
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" "
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bands and musicians
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Cayla Phillips commented on Quillen's photo


"I used to love this stuff, but after we moved (Im pretty sure we have hard water) I cant use it…"
1 hour ago
Cayla Phillips loved Quillen's photo
1 hour ago
Cayla Phillips commented on Quillen's photo


"Love! How old are they"
1 hour ago
Cayla Phillips loved Quillen's photo
1 hour ago
Cayla Phillips loved Quillen's photo
1 hour ago
Mujtaba Ali replied to Kelly Ann Bott's discussion I'm Kelly! I want to meet you!
"Hey! Good luck on your new journey. TnR doesn't show impatience does it? :o I'm doing it…"
1 hour ago
Cayla Phillips said
"Namaste'Have about 2 inches of shrinkage...Not looking forward to more! My hair is plenty short enough :/"
1 hour ago
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1 hour ago
Cayla Phillips loved Gilly's Mum's photo
1 hour ago

crafty crafters
Courtney Gray replied to Courtney Gray's discussion Epsom Salt?
"Wow! That's horrible! Thanks for the info!"
1 hour ago

dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ posted a discussion

locs and traction alopecia from twisting or injterlocking

traction alopecia is caused by tension on the roots over extended periods of time, this can be…See More
2 hours ago

A few weeks ago i was cruising around online and stumbled on this site while looking up "The History of Dreads." The site explained the religious history of dreads and now for style. All this info seemed legit then i looked up the methods the had for how to and they had a Knotty Boy video for backcombing and wax. I left a comment to inform people there is no need to spend money for dreads and on the natural neglect method. After i check a few minutes ago to see if my comment had any replies, it got censored and deleted from the website.

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i guess they just decided one day to make a living out of building a lie and making other people to believe it and in order to do so they want to keep as many people from the truth as possible it's a troubling thing to swallow/accept. siiiggh

Deleting your comment shows that they don't want the truth known, because then no one would buy their useless, harmful methods and products. Good on you for trying, anyway.

wow... on this site?

No. it's a different forum.  I've seen that video.  It's a joke.

And Hippiegal's right.  They censored only your comment.  the only one that disagreed with them.  That says something about their intentions

i read all the comments, and only one guy stood up to the bullshit and got like ten thumbs downs. its amazing how ignorant some people are! some guy even commented and said something like "you can not brush your hair and have locks that are odd shapes, and want to hack it off most of the time... but i have a job" like wtf....

I know.  I was a cook for years with locks.  I am a science major right now, and know for a fact that I will get a job even with locks.  That guy just bought into the lies that natural locks are dirty and listened to people telling him he wouldn't get a job.  If he actually tried to get one with natural locks, he'd see that it's no harder to get one with locks as it is with straight hair.  If you are qualified for the position, they wont turn you down.  The only jobs that you can't have locks for are some pilots and firemen, or other jobs that you have to wear a mask for safety reasons

knotyyboy and dreadheadhq have programs where if u create a site u get a discount on their crap

thats how they got all those sites saying to use that crap with links to them  which made them the top ranking sites

we cant offer discounrs for whats free thats why i set up free hosting for any members who want to make a site and link to here  but u will need to pay for a domain name (a few bucks a year )

but yea thats all those so[ites are ..its scumbag marketting really

I just finished posting there and adding a few reply's to some of the posts.  I'm sure my posts will be censored too

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