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Quite a few baby dreads now. Time and patience will prevail :)
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Happy dreadies!

"Thanks everyone=]"
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I twist-and-ripped my hair into dreadlocks several days ago, and they look pretty good! (photos coming soon)

My issue is they are fuzzy and there are lots of loose hairs. This doesn't fly with me, because for personal lifestyle reasons I want keep these very "tight" and "fine"... in other words, I can't have a big fuzzy head.

How can I make the dreadlocks "neat" and tie up the loose hairs into the dreads without using a crochet hook? Thanks!!!



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I don't want to obset you, but are you sure you wan't dreads? "fine, neat, tight" is the total opposite of

becoming dreads.

Wish you the best!

>> I don't want to obset you, but are you sure you wan't

>> dreads? "fine, neat, tight" is the total opposite of

>> becoming dreads.

There is a fair amount of "natural chaos" that is sure to occur, and I support that. But I've seen MANY examples of people having really nice neat dreadlocks.

Surely you're not saying that is impossible? Anyway, hopefully someone can provide some tips to help me.





It's not "impossible" to have "tidy" dreads, but... there'll always be some frizz, and the only way to get them as neat and tidy as they can get without damaging them is lots of time and patience to let them mature on their own.

So.. there's no quick fix for your problem.



they are days old they take months to dread

be patient

Alright I get the idea. I'll just chill. Thanks.

I have only recently stopped crocheting my dreads, they are becoming very fuzzy very fast! I have been palm rolling before bed and sleeping with a cotton shirt sleeve on my head lol for the last few nights and it seems to help. In the morning they are not as fuzzy also try not to wash your hair as often try to wait a week if possible...I know its hard and frustrating i'm in the same boat : )


Maybe dreadlocks aren't fr you then?  Well natural ones anyways

good luck Timothy']  & welcome


Where do you put your dreads when sleeping, off to the side? Or up over the pillow behind you? I've been just scooping mine up with my hands is laying them up over the pillow.

I really want to avoid loosening up the knots of the dreads at the roots.

I realize that dreadlocks are supposed to be like a chill growth process, but I do have to provide some guidance here, as I have a so-called "image" to uphold.

laying on them tightens them

i toss em over the headboard or lay em on the pillow next to me

if i dont have a pillow (while camping) they make a great pillow for 4..5 if we cuddle real close


haha i cant wait till i get to that point. gonna have to though  ;)

They lay against the back of my neck because I cover them up they stay put. try cutting a sleeve off a shirt or wrap them with a scarf. I put my all to the back because I sleep on my side but you could put them at the side,too. I find if I leave them loose they are super fuzzy in the morning.

I understand the need to keep them neat. : )

ManOfBliss said:


Where do you put your dreads when sleeping, off to the side?

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