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"Can anyone recommend a good...clean, shampoo to use for my dreads?  I've tried the baking…"
16 hours ago
I've been using wax for a few years now, because it makes my dreads look nice and not all wild. Too bad I just found this site, because I found out that wax is bad for your dreads. I wonder if its too late for me? Anyways I'm looking for a wax alternative to keep my dreads looking nice. I would just let them do what ever they want but for work reasons I got to make them look as maintained as possible.

Tags: aloe, alternatives, dread, dreadwax, removal, vera, wax

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1st get the wax out..its really bad and kinda amazed your dreads lasted 5 years with wax (very few do)
2nd aloe vera gel
works like wax but rinses right out easily

whats your work
most careers really cant demand you look very maintained with dreads as dreads are often a religious choice and those who dread religiously myust refrain from most types of maintenance.
however, looking neat is often just a matter of tying them back, wearring a headband or wrap
controlling every hair is usualy not an issue except in modelong carreers and showbiz, areas where hypercriticle judgment is often an issue (and a harmful one)

ive worked in offices and with polotitions and do almost no maintenance or tidying up
I went to a local hair product supply store (Sally's) and seen different types of Aloe gel but didn't know if they were any good or if their is certain brand I should get?
none of those
go to a health food store or a garden shop
at a health food store in the refridgerator look for 100% pure aloe gel the only ingrediant should be aloe its sold as a food supliment or drink

or a garden shop buy a few aloew plants (be sure its aloe VERA as other aloew varieties can be toxic)
when u need it then slice off a leaf, split it in 2 the long way then scrape out the gel inside
bob_marlo said:
I went to a local hair product supply store (Sally's) and seen different types of Aloe gel but didn't know if they were any good or if their is certain brand I should get?
Is the stuff at a GNC the same, it says it's 99% aloe vera gel?
99.9% leaves alotta room for other crap..preservatives i dunno what else they add
i always use just pure aloe and everyone has always stressed that u should use only pure aloe..ppl have used the aloe sold for sunburns anbd stuff but your better off using the purest

ofcourse you probly dont gotta be as neat as u think u need to be
id get the wax out then go tro work without anything till they say something then use aloe as its conditioning lil more then u would want everyday..

bob_marlo said:
Is the stuff at a GNC the same, it says it's 99% aloe vera gel?

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