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"Not necessarily true and uniform twist and rip. I done twist and rip on my own hair but pulled out…"
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I understand everyone is different. im just curious how long they will be when i come home for christmas from college im going to college far away and i am really excited to shock my family and hometown friends!!

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I have dreads that I interlocked using a tiny crochet hook, they are tight and thin (I have 96 of them) so maybe this is why mine did not shrink much, in the first 7 months they grew about 1-2 inches.

interlocking and crochet are extremely vbad u dont have dreads u have woven hair  when u stop weaving them it will take 6 months to a year b4 they beghin to dread ..and whenu actualy dread they shrink

I'm sorry maybe I didn't explain my method correctly and misunderstood what interlocking is... I don't, and would never use anything close to a regular sized crochet hook in my dreads, then hook i use is .5mm it pulls individual hairs into the dreads, i don't weave the hair or actually 'crochet' stich it and it is most definitely tightly dreaded, they did shrink at first, and then started to grow as my hair grows very fast, although they shrink after every time i do maintenance. Maybe you don't like my method or would not do it on yourself, but I have healthy beautiful dreads which bring me several compliments every day, but maybe I am still wrong according to you and therefore don't have a right to give advice on this site to those looking for it. What a welcoming community.

it is an extremely damaging method rthey are not healthy they are damaged by breaking hairs

i have felt very welcomed to this community. if you look around a little you will realize the entire site is devoted to natural dreads and is very anti-crochet hook and use of products. i will gladly take soaring eagles advice (21 years in the making) over someone whos dreads arent even mature yet. no disrespect intended towards you dear, but being rude to soaring eagle is a really bad idea. its his website.

just trying to help her not screw up hrr dreads with crochet i mean how many have suffered from crochet already?

how many started over?


but some ppl when u try to help em they get angry..i dont get it 99% say oh thank god finaly somebiody told me the truth.. 1% get angry

cant please em all


I'm not angry, I'm just surprised. Of course many have suffered from crochet. I am constantly finding information and videos about crochet use that are AWFUL and SCARY, don't understand why people would do that to their hair, obviously it will fall out. But if done correctly the result, in my opinion, is quite beautiful and healthy. 

I'm also surprised that people need advice in order to 'do nothing.'

oh also when I said mine didn't shrink, I meant after I locked them up, they didn't shrink much, but initially my dreads were half the length of what my hair was before.

i'm two months in and mine have almost shrunk to HALF of what my length used to be. i miss it so much.

Mine were also made with crochet hook, didn't do anything withing 4 1/2 months (since i got them) and they have gone from halfway my back to above my shoulders. They also grow but they seem to shrink faster.

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