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Photo on 02-12-2014 at 17.28 #4

"I can't stand loops on myself. But you look so cute with them!! "
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5 months freeform

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I mostly have an un-dreadlock related question.Does anyone know of any places to get organic…See More
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"I've only just started dreading two months ago. Ive only been using what ever soap I pick up…"
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Two years

I reached the two years mark a few days ago, I just remember to upload a pic.
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so my mom was okay with me getting dreads so i did it but i think she is getting mad with me cause of all the loose hairs. on friday it will be my 2 weeks so i have loose hair everywhere lol. i told her it is a process and that she needs to let it go. it there any healthy way to pull those loose hairs in to the dreads cause i think she is pissed that my head looks like a nest haha. if not she is just going to have to suck it up lol

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She's got to suck it up.  You're 2 weeks in.  There'll b lose hair up to the 6 month mark and even further.  Hell, mine are almost 6 years old, and I have loose hairs on top of my head and around my hairline, still.  

The only thing I could offer is to try the gel from  It's water soluble, so it washes out in each wash.  It doesn't leave a residue, either.  

I'm almost at 4 mnths and although alot of progress still loose hairs everywhere. Some people close to me don't see the beauty in them yet.  I just wear hats and wraps and strength 2 go on. :)

haha alright thanks everyone. i think it just looks rough right now cause my dreads are real short and the loose hairs are as long as the dreads, some even longer. so sometimes i look in the mirror and it doesnt even look like i have dreads lol

Yup, loose hair is a fact-o-dreads.  In fact, even people with mature dreads have loose hair (it may not look like it in pictures because the camera doesn't always pick up those little strands.)

The gel from or even pure aloe vera gel can help tame some of those fuzzies.  Apply a small amount to the base and lightly work along the dread shaft.

either she just has to accept it, you can cover it on bad days, or try the gel from

Aloe Vera controls loose hairs but it also conditions them and when you wash, they will unravel more.  The gel does a similar thing, but it also creates friction that helps them tangle while you don't wash them

she is just going to have to man up haha. i will be down at the ocean a bunch this summer so that will get this process moving along

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