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Two years

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Hey all,
I just joined this forum for some advice on my poor dreads!
They are almost 4 years old, I had a beautiful hippie start them and work on them for a couple months, and then let them take their course for the last three years. They locked up beautifully, and probably a year and a half ago I decided I couldn't deal with them anymore and combed/ cut out mostly all of them except three!

I really let the last remaining three dreads grow out quite a bit with no maintenance for the last couple years because I wanted to cut them out, but now I just can't muster up the courage and have decided that I love them again and want to save them!

They are quite locked up, so I'd call them "adult" dreads, but the issue is they are very thin and undreaded at the root, with about an inch of undreaded hair from the root, and about two inches after that of dreaded but very thin, which then tapers into the heavy and thick dread.

I'm sure this problem is common and would really love some advice on how to salvage them, because they are literally starting to hurt my scalp from the weight.

By the way, I guess I would consider the method that was used to start them was backcombing...... But I really haven't touched them for years so shit I can't really remember.

Thanks guys! Love ya'll <3

Tags: Thinning, heavy, roots

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was wax used  if so thats why theyre heavy

im guessing your attempts to keep the undreaded hair undreaded is hackin away at the roots so stop it

just let it all dread up naturally

let the thin ones confgo and get thicker



he really worked on them for months? doing what? that was a mistake


ok u said o wax no maintenance but do iu ever twist them even without thinking?
No wax was used, and I only rolled them between my palms periodically for probably the first 4 months I had them, which was over three years ago..... I really just let them be for all the years I've had them. I attached a photo of two of them, if you didn't notice.

Any advice as far as thickening them up at the root? Is this possible? I really don't want to have to cut them out, but at this rate they are only growing longer and getting skinnier at the roots as the months go on, and they are becoming too heavy at the tips and hurting my scalp :(
Oh yeah I have that too...are the dreads right behind your ear? Right behind my ear I have some dreads that are thinning. I think some people's hair must go through a cycle of thinning and thickening. Maybe you're just going through the cycle. Before tampering with the dreads, I'd wait for a few months to see if it gets thicker by itself. If not though, I'm not sure what can be done.
I'd say one of them is right behind my ear, and the other two are towards the back of my scalp.... The thing is, they've been gradually dangling by skinny hair for many months now, maybe almost a year. I don't think they're going to get better by themselves.... If anyone knows of a dread doctor in Denver or Boulder, CO, I'd love to give them a ring!
noo thats a horible mistake tey will do way way way more harm then good  its very simple u just want more hair dreaded into the roots take some surrounding hair out it around the roots wrap some hemp around it ..problem solved if u go to a dread doctior they will absolutely ruin them
Alright. more hair in roots, got it. Someone else told me the same thing, so I think I'll go for it.... Now what do you mean by hemp around it? Like bind the root with hemp, resembling a hair wrap?
yeah just take some hemp string and wrap it around your dreads! i have some dreads that are thin at the roots....very simple fix. just take the dread next to it and wrap em together! they will end up dreading together eventually and your roots should just lock up.

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