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16 veckor

"The draeds are starting to increase in number. Now I'm at 16 weeks of neglect.This small one…"
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I be Reverie - Knotty since birth.

I am back, as a couple of you may know, under a new alias. I would frequent this site regularly,…See More
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"Ah so beautiful and loving sooooo much fun. You both will be great keepers of the fur!"
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"yes patience is key, and one of the reasons I went natural instead of having fake dread put on my…"
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"better drive small cars or get flat as a bloody pancake"
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"Every time I think he can't get any cuter, he does the most adorable things"
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"That face! :) such a cutie."
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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ replied to Mujtaba Ali's discussion Dreadlock wax - who fell for it? and what did you do with leftover wax?
"make a youtube vid demonstrating all the reasons wax is a bad idea siggestions coat a rag in…"
20 hours ago

crafty crafters
Pip Herbst loved Graciela Valderrama's photo
20 hours ago
I'm new to the site and dreads. I've wanted dreads since i were a kid, I'm 30 now and decided to take the plunge yesterday. My partner is disapproving and thinks that dreads look messy. So, he went on holiday yesterday and i got stuck in with the T&R method. He's gonna have a shock when he gets back! It took me 12 hours with a few breaks! So 42 non-wax dreads later and arm muscles like Arnie, i am now the proud owner of dreads!!! Im happy with how they've turned out, although they look more like braids right now. I live in hope that, left to their own devices, they'll turn into some beautiful dreads with much patience and a carefree attitude from oneself. So, as soon as i can stop my laptop from cutting out, I will upload before and after shots and keep this as my very own dreads timeline.
Blessings :)

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Baba Fats said:

That's a shame.  Well, he'll have to get used to it.  As they mature, they'll grow on him.  If he cares about your happiness then he'll suck it up and hide his dislike.  You being happy is more important than his impression of you

Baba Fats, thanks to you also! He'll get over it, he'll have to!

Tara C said:

Like everyone's said, if it makes you happy he'll accept it, since it's a decision that doesn't particularly affect anyone else, so there's no downside to it. Maybe it'll just take him a while cos it's a shock. Anyway, congrats on taking the plunge and starting your journey :) and welcome.

Thanks Tara, my fellow Brit. Are there many Brits on here? I've spent a good few hours navigating my way around the site today and I am in awe of everybodies dreads and uniqueness. This site is superb!!! And the support is amazing too.
I washed my barnet today and it's fuzzed up a little bit but I quite like it. It may be a little too early yet, but I've added a few beads to my baby dreads. Just gonna sit back and let them be free now.

Thank you all again for your support. Bright blessings :)

Ixchel said:

i'm sorry you have an unsupportive partner. it seems a lot of people do (maybe we need a group for that lol). If it makes you happy he should be able to come around & be fine with it. He'll see how much you love them, & how much joy & peace they bring you. 

Seems like you have the right attitude to disapproval though, "whatever it's my hair & I love it so I don't care". 
Steff A Roo said:

Thank you all.

Been food shopping today and had some very funny looks. Saw a couple of people who didn't like what I've done to my hair but I don't care, it's my hair! Sent my partner a picture of me and he replied with "Ewwww" and then proceeded to ask if it is permanent. I told him yes, to which he replied "I just hope you realise it looks crap". Cheers then!

Oh well, he'll have to like it or lump it.

This site is fantastic and a great place to come when everyone is being tough on you about choosing dreads. My will power and love of dreads will win through!


Thank you also Ixchel, can't wait to be nosey and have a look at all your dread photos :)

Welcome! We've all been, or are going through the messy stage, so I hope you find the support you need. Your dreads look fine. Over time you'll find them a great 'litmus test' to sort those who appreciate the real you from those who want you as THEY would like you to be. Good that you're sticking to your own choices. There's also groups here for people interested in psychic development.

welcome! My gf don't like dreadlocks at all, but she supports me, and this is very important to me... By the way, she is the only relative who supports me in this journey, and this is just amazing for me.

Hope that your partner will change his mind, oh, and you will have amazing locs!

your gf is related to you?

isnt that sorta frowned upon? i guess depends on where your from..haha

No! Haha, she's not from my family [relative], i just messed my english [portuguese is my first language], sorry haha! But we plan to marry next year, we are too close in spirits... We disagree in some things [like dreadlocks, pot, hallucinogens], but respect, truth and love is what reign in our relationship.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ said:

your gf is related to you?

isnt that sorta frowned upon? i guess depends on where your from..haha

So, my baby dreads are a week old today!

The other half has seen them and said he doesn't like them with; "It's your hair, do what you like with it". I've also seen my parents (not that I should be worrying about what my parents say at the ripe old age of 30), they called me Bunny Wailer which I found quite amusing as they thought Bunny Wailer was Bob Marley's female cousin.

I've had a few funny looks and equally as many compliments, usually followed by "Does that mean you'll never wash your hair?". Of course I'll wash my hair, I've washed it twice this week already! I may just get a tattoo on my forehead saying 'WASHED TWICE WEEKLY DREADS', That should settle that one. Or, I could just lie and say 'no, I never wash my hair, I'm growing an adventure lice farm on my bonce'. 

So anyway, enough rambling! I'm still very happy with them and looking forward to taking them away for the week on Saturday to study intensive mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College. I imagine it to be a posh place full of mostly older people and people of different cultures and countries. I won't know a soul there, so I'm quite nervous, but excited. 

Ok, so here's a few photos.....This is my best one...

P.S Not that anybody who has decided not to wash their hair has lice farms on their heads, it's just what non-dreaducated people seem to assume.

Peace :)

look grat so far

i think we need to make t shirts  that say in big bold letters

Yes i wash them"

(we can add the website address under that)

non educated people assume many things about locks.  It's nothing to fret over.  Just kindly put them right.  If you confront them, they will get defensive and what you say wont sink in.  They'll go along thinking what they thought before they met you.  Plus they'll leave thinking that people with locks are confrontational.  If you can, stay calm and relaxed.  They will get the hint and be relaxed too.  they may have more questions which gives you the opportunity to go into even more detail about how clean they are and how to care for them healthily.  

i want this shirt 

☮ soaring eagle ॐ said:

look grat so far

i think we need to make t shirts  that say in big bold letters

Yes i wash them"

(we can add the website address under that)

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