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Approx. 1 month organic.

Baby dreads are formed in the back, with knots forming on the sides of my head.
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Dreadlocks 6 months update

Totaly natrual freefrom locks , 6 months
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My locks
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Photo on 02-12-2014 at 17.28 #4

"I can't stand loops on myself. But you look so cute with them!! "
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Hola.. so, sorry to say, I have no dreads. I am considering doing partial or full dreads. However, most of my friends are appalled imagining me with them, so I'm looking for some non-friend opinions by people who have dreads.

 I have really fine hair, but I have a lot of it. When I cut my hair I thin out a lot of it so it's easier to manage. Not sure if that makes a difference or not when dreading.

Here's me.. Please let me know if you think dreads would look terrible or not on. Depending on the response I would like to try a few and then see about more. I have a really weak chin and a small head which is my concern with dreading, that it might make it look worse.


 I'm on the right:

 Sorry for the photo spam. :x 


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youd look amazing but its not about how you look but how you feel if you want to dread dont let anyone stop you  nobodies opinion matters but yours

how would u start though thats the question of concern  i just dont want you starting off wrong

but i brt most ppl here will say you will look amazing

stop thinning your hair tho!

I'm not sure what method I'd do as of yet, I plan on researching that once I decide whether I'm doing it or not.

 And yeah, I need to stop thinning it. The first two pictures were taken after I'd had my hair cut really short, layered, and thinned. Looks bad once it grows out! The last picture is my hair just growing naturally without styling, just me oiling the ends every day (I don't have to deal with splot ends when I do oil it.)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ said:

youd look amazing but its not about how you look but how you feel if you want to dread dont let anyone stop you  nobodies opinion matters but yours

how would u start though thats the question of concern  i just dont want you starting off wrong

but i brt most ppl here will say you will look amazing

stop thinning your hair tho!

start researching

you also dont get split ends when you dont comb

combing is the cause of split ends

take your comb tosds it in the trash

let your hair decide if your meant to dread or not

I agree with soaring eagle, you'll look great with it :)

I think you would look amazing with dreads!! If you want them go for it!!! Just have to have the courage in you to not care what others think. Otherwise people constantly giving you negativity on them might get to be too much for you. But I bet you can handle it if you want them bad enough! <3 There are always going to be people out there who don't like things about us. But as long as we like ourselves that is ALL that matters in the end. <3

And coming from someone who had dreads for 4 yrs once and now 2 months new again they are such an eye opener to so many things in life and a great bringer of joy if you ask me! :)

Also you CAN always comb them out if you really decide they are not for you someday. I was able to comb my first set out after 4 yrs! It took me 2-3 months to do it but I did! Now 5 years later on my second journey I kind of wish I hadn't done that because they would be so amazing and long now but oh well live and learn! :)

Thank you, all three of you. :)

I had a friend bring up cultural appropriation when I asked her opinion, but after doing hours and hours of research into the origins of dreads as well as reading up on some threads here on it, I've decided that I don't feel like I am appropriating any one culture by letting my hair dread. (and that's all I'm going to say on it as there are many prior threads debating it on here.)

For those of you with them, how did your employers react? 

And in the case that I do not like them, I know it is possible to comb them out instead of cutting (I hate having short hair myself as I love my hair long. My question is are they are going to look crinkly or dull if I ever do decide to comb them out once I have them?

,u employers reaction was "wow" and they included my picture on all the companies promo materials mugs calendars posters  u name it

Hola Amanda,

I work at a health insurance company as an actuary.  Everyone I work with is very much a carbon copy of what you would expect.  The dress code states business casual, and that you have to look neat.  Most everyone wears pants, button down shirt/ or dress.  The managers and directors often where suits.  I stopped cutting all my hair over a year ago when I found the light within myself.  So first, there was the beard.  There were alot of jokes about it, nobody understood of course, and I would just tell them I wasn't ever going to shave anymore.  Fast forward to Dec 11, I started washing my hair with baking soda(per 'No Impact Man'), and putting it up in a top knot, without combing.  In the middle of January, my first dread formed.   I found this site loaded with locking wisdom from SE's head.  As others formed, and my hair became more and more wild, I obviously would get many confused glances, but noone ever said anything to me about it.  Until a few weeks ago, when I came in, everyone decided it was the day to ask me what was up with my hair.  So I explained myself as best as possible, and was met with nothing but respect.   I have had no trouble at all with my hair in this professional environment.  My work gets lots of praise and people are very happy to interact/work with me.  The bottom line, when you realize its time for you to start existing in your true form, just do it.  No need to even think about what the employers, or your friends will say.  Don't ever let your ego hold you back.  Blessings out <3!  PS, locks will look beautiful on you ;)

My first attempt at dreads back combed and waxed.  Looked good for two days then poo after that.  Took out because I couldn't handle it 3mnths.  Second time natural.  Took it out because my dreads where big balls in my hair. 2mths.  Now I twist and ripped and am very happy.  Once you do research you will know what all I am talking about.  I learned from trail and error.  i also learned before I started my last set that I needed to built my patience, and self confidence.  So I could handle the negitive and learn to emprace the good.  My heart just kept saying dreads.  i got tons of compliments on my non dreaded hair all the time, but I wasn't happy and that's what made the difference.

dreads are a journey.  I can relate them to the stories of the boys going out into the wilderness and coming back a man.

But in a modern cence beginning dreads, going through the disapproval, sterotyping,  Questioning your decision, worrying about jobs and what others think. Going out in the world with your dreads at first can be scary.  then you figure out for yourself what you think and then realizing you have the courage to stand up for what you think...I think dreads build character like that. 

If I was your friend I'd tell you if you have the courage to believe..then I don't doubt you:)   What helped me was studing dreads and everything ascociated with them.  So if someone sayed ....I was trying to be black or somthing like that...I would say...I am that i am only by the grace of god.  And if someone asked me if I was a rasta...I could say 40 percent.  i respect the way of life but do not believe in some of the principles.  Like the above post many interesting people have came up to me and had conversations with me different types from when I was main stream.  A lot more of my kinda people minded ect.  i was so unhappy with my life because i wasn't being true to myself.  Someone called me a name I'd just mope around and believe then and do what they did because I didn't have the courage to do my own thing.  :) 

Instead of saying I have a weak chin and small forhead....What i saw was amazing blue eyes and killer strawberry colored hair.  Would make for some great strwberry locs:)

Allowing your hair to dread will open your eyes to a you, you never knew existed! Or maybe you always new existed but never let anyone else get to know. Say good bye to your "weak chin and small head" (which I do not see) and hello to your beautiful locs and confident soul.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and stories. I didn't realize how personal/spiritual is was for so many people.

 I'm already pretty 'natural' in everything but letting my hair (all over, not just on my head). I attend an environmental school that's half full of scientists and half full of hippies, but there's still a lot of judgment here, not so much for dreads/facial hair but for all other places body hair likes to live.  While I personally do not like how hair feels on underarms or down below, I wish I had the confidence to grow it if I wanted to, which I lack. 

Dreads will pretty much just be me trying out a more natural hairstyle and to take the next step in my journey. I recently started growing a lot of herbs and fruits, and I plan on canning the fruit and making sachets and oils from the herbs, and for use to steep in tea. I practice yoga and I've started hooping. I practice a vegetarian diet, though I am trying my hardest to switch to a mostly raw diet to get those raw enzymes cooked food lacks. I've also given up liquid milk. I want to go backpacking more. I don't buy anything with plastic packaging unless absolutely necessary, only cardboard or glass. I've been buying broken solar cells off ebay, and I'm going to figure out how to repair them.. though I don't know shit about doing so!

I've got books on homesteading and I hope to buy land to practice permaculture and build a fully sustainable cabin once I get my masters degree, which is very far in the future (I'm just really excited about my future home so of course I've drawn up some cabin plans.) I've got some worms that I'm going to be composting with once they multiply enough. I'm going to be making my own drum so I can do drumming circles with my friends who do such, buying one just doesn't feel right.

 I've always been okay with other persons being nude, but always self-conscious myself about my body... I'm an illustrator and painter and find the human form beautiful, and decided to take a leap and I've done some nude modeling photoshoots now, and I'm going to pose for art classes in the future. It's hard to be self-conscious about your body when you know that even though it's not society's construct of beauty that an artist (photographer) sees it as something expressive, natural, and beautiful. And that's reflected through the gorgeous photos you collaborate with the photographer to produce. 

I just want to keep pushing myself to someone I'm happy with being so I can meet my own eyes and feel proud of who I am, instead of just settling to be content. 'Content' and 'settling' are concepts that terrify me.. I never want to do such. My parents have, and most everyone else I know. And they just don't seem happy with their lives, they all wish they had followed their dreams instead of doing what they 'thought' would bring in money and making them happy, or they got stuck in the consumerist style of buying things, needing a large house to keep their things in, and working 9-5 jobs to pay off their house and things.

(Congrats if you made it through my mini-novel above!)

 Dreads just seem like the right next step for me. Whether I decide to keep them long-term is debatable, but even if I do so I am reverting to using shea oil, beer, and apple cider vinegar to wash my hair and keep it healthy. No more of this lauryl sulfate and parabens. Your guys positive feedback on your dreadlocks has made me decide I need to at least give them a go. I'm going to do some twist and rip halfway down my hair as my hair when it tangles doesn't really dread so much as mat into one enormous pancake. Then let nature take it from there. (I've watched a lot of youtube videos that talk about bad pain and balding when going all the way with twist and rip.) I've got one tiny dread now just from trying to figure out how twist and rip is done last night, and it's come out quite a bit but near the top it's holding together so I'm just going to let the rest do what it wants there.

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