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dread gurus
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Hi everyone. I thought I'd introduce myself before I start asking questions :)

My name is Kezz, Im 45 next month and mum to 2 boys. one in his early twenties the other is only 8. I've been toying with the idea of dreading my hair for a few years but have finally made the decision to jump in and start the partner died of cancer at the age of 50 last July and I think it made me realise that this is truly not a rehearsal and the more experiences you have in life the better. Im in the process of organising a dread party with a handful of very close friends although I am going to pay a hairdresser to do the sectioning. So pleased I found this site. I have a few questions :D

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welcome im sorry to hear about yp0ur loss

but why would you pay a hairdresser to section it? it will section itself better then they can ever do

just stop combing wash a couple times and see for yourself it will section itself perfectly naturally

and how are u olanning on dreading at the dreading party

I want to keep them a bit tidy so am going for the backcombing wax.I want them sectioned off neatly just incase I ever have to get a different job from the one Im in now...I have to pay my mortgage :) I dont want super tidy dreads though! I did wonder about the twist and rip method but read that you end up losing more length?


no twist n rips a much better method and it wont stick straight up looking like a clow3n

length loss is more related to hair length and type then method in most cases

because its 50-60-100 dollars  to do something a trained monkey could do?

read it again i didnt call them trained monkeys i said trained monkeys could section hair

but wouldnt charge 100 dollars to do it

The hairdresser is a friend so it will be a barter/trade transaction and wont cost me a penny :)


ah well thats diferent then :)

i was just making the point that sectioning the easiest thing to do so wasnt worth wastng money on

Hello Kezz,

I am also sorry to read of yours and your families loss.  I have known 4 people who have passed in this previous year to cancer and 2 more recently diagnosed.  It's very hard and very eye-opening.

In regards to your start to your dread journey, I used twist and rip and I haven't lost any length (my hair is naturally thick and wavy.)  But it will loosen up after a while and tend to tighten up again.  For instance, mine got pretty loose at the roots after a couple of days but now, 2 weeks in, some of the loosened roots are reforming.  :)

I have also used backcombing in the past and it did the same exact thing.

"Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?"
~Old Kingdom Trilogy 

I spent a fair while on here yesterday looking at time lines and

must admit I am totally freaked out by the shrinkage problems. I can cope with different stages of the hair until it dreads but the shrinkage!! I have hair to just bellow my shoulder blades and would be ok with it being shoulder length but I've seen pics of hair that has gone chin length, maybe I should grow my hair longer first?

the longer it is to start the more it shrinks if u start at shoulderblades it will shrink to shoulders if us start at knees it can shrink to chin

I wondered how mature they would have to be before you could use extentions ?.I

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