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Beginning dreads, life changes

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13 hours ago
Well I had short hair before I began to grow out my dreads,
And I used a brush alot and my hair is still growing in that same direction.
The top is the main problem, before dreads I even would make it wet and slick it back,
but that would last just a day, it continues to grow forward.. Not really a dreadlock question,
but any advice or opinions would be appreciated.

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let it go where it wants to go? \dreads are more like amane growing in every direction   just let it go

O yea I neglected it after 1 month, but my hair use to grow all different directions, meaning hairs coming out the scalp, but its like when I brushed so much, it trained my hair to go that certain way. Was just wondering if there's a way to do something about it, like relax the root of your hairs or idk..

As your hair gets longer and heavier it will be easier to get it to go away from your face, in the meantime you might have to just put up with it until it's at least long enough to tuck behind the ear easily.

I'm assuming you are talking about the dreadlock that is falling forward on your forehead in your pictures (btw, I totally have afro-envy!  Yours was awesome!)

Thanks Valerie! I figured I trained it one way, then ill train my hair the other way. Lol. It's not that much in my face, but I've learned to let go and let time take its change.

If you want it to go back but don't want to wear a tam, you could just wear a bandanna.  There's no real way to train your hair when you're growing locks.  But Valerie said it already, as it grow and gets heavier you will be able to move it wherever you want to

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