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Is it normal for the hair at the nape of your neck to not want to stay into dreadlocks? And also the hair at the sides of my head, like just above my ear, just won't stay in dreads. Will they eventually start dreading? I did notice that these sections of hair seem very soft and feel almost moisturized.


Thank you!

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The area at the nape of your neck, around your forehead, and your ears [your hairline] is where your skin can be oiliest. Oiliness will prevent dreading. If you used a starter method, I'm sure the dreads in these areas will come apart but eventually they will dread back up. Or, if you're going au naturale, they might take longer.

Here are a few things I've learned if you don't do/not do them already: don't wash your hair every day - shampoo strips your hair of natural oils and tricks your scalp into producing more than you need/you can use an alternate cleanser like bs/acv mix or some other kind of shampoo; in between washes, rinse your scalp in cold water if you must get it wet; don't play with your hair too much - not only can you untangle it, but oil from your hands will get into your hair and make it harder for it to dread.


You're right, I did section them and tnr them but they keep coming apart. I will leave them alone then and see what will happen. Thanks :)

I think that's a good idea, because I also think if you mess with them too much you can damage your hair, and you probably don't want that either. :P No problem.

that area will always take much longer and will dread last and have the most loose hairs always

totaly norrmal

when that lil point of hair in the back finaly dreads you'll know yoir fully mature


that's funny..the hair at the nape of my neck was what dreaded first! lol but the rest sounds the same..around my ears and face is what's taking the longest to lock up..i'm going all natural though...but the back of my neck is where my most mature dreadies are..x]


I LOVE this website!!! I just came looking for this exact info!  lol what a relief that this is totally the norm for others too. Gilly has SOOOOO much hair at the nape of her neck, it's probably enough to start a few new dreads rather than find it's home with the ones that live there.  What's staying is REALLY staying on her neck but the rest is free flowing. I guess we'll see how it goes!

I dont mind the lil whispy hairs around her ears so much, but I did manage to twist em into the lock nearby and slide a bead up over em.

Mine are 5 years old.  And I just took some of the loose hairs on my neck and had enough to form a new lock.  Yeah, it's completely normal, and will probably always be there with you.  As it grow in, you might have enough to create new ones, but that hair tends to be softer than the rest and last to knot up.  

Gilly's Mum, I did the same thing.  I took a tuft of hair by my ear and threw a bead on it 2 weeks ago.  I'm washing tomorrow and if it stays as tight as it feels, I might even be able to take the bead off this soon

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