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Perming hair whilst I have dreads

Hi guys I'm new here and just a question about perming my hair whilst I had dreads Ive been growing…See More
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Drying your hair purposely for dreads, long term effects...

I'm planning on starting my dreads very soon, way stoked, I have very straight (caucasian) hair and I think i found the method I'm going to use (not positive on it so any tips are appreciated!) but it involves drying my hair out as much as possible and I was just wondering if this might be bad in the long run? or maybe good?


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how do you plan of drying your hair out?  All you need is a shampoo that will strip residue off the folicles.  If you try to actually dry out your hair the way chlorine and bleach do, you run the risk of making your hair brittle.  This is bad for your locks.  it can make them break into little pieces of hair somewhat like a crochet needle would do.  That'll weaken the integrity of your dreadlocks.  

I have caucasian hair too.  It'a little wavy, but all you need to d is wash it with residue free shampoo.  That'll start prepping you for knotting.  If you want to go TnR, you could wash with that a few times till the oiliness is gone, and then twist and rip.  

But you don't want to just dry your hair out in a careless way.  Plus, then your hair is itchy and scratchy.  I can't say for everyone here, but I love my locks to be soft and fuzzy.  If they're too dry it gets uncomfortable.  You'll constantly be scratching, and might even lose hope in your progress.

Stick with it.  I'm sure they'll turn out great.  Let us know of any questions you've got along the way

what is the method?

u want it dry but not too dry if too dry it can nget brittle and break easily

over drying will cause your scalp to rebel and itch but also fight back anmd over produce oiles and make u oily not dry

my concern is what method u think u will use that requires the hair to be so overly dry

ok your page said u were going to use wax

so you got the wrong methoid

ui nevcer ever ever ever ever put wax in dreads

thats not nearly enough never evers top stress how important it is to never put wax in dreadsw

anyone who told u to put wax in aLSO  told u wrong methods and bad advice

so start over from scratch like u know notVing

read dreaducation in main menuy

pick a new method

naturals best wax or crochet ever

  • This was the method I thought sounded good. I did also read up on the "wax-locks"
  •  scenerio and that looks disgusting i would only do it naturally. i wouldn't want clumps of wax build up or anything like that in my hair. i was just led to believe i needed extra help from wax because my hair is so straight.

  • 1

    Avoid using any conditioner for at least a week. If you can stand it, wash your hair with bar soap instead of shampoo. This is part of the process to dry out the hair.

  • 2

    Separate your hair into sections and braid it. Each braid will become one dreadlock. Leave the braids in at least one day. This will give your hair some wave which makes it easier to dread.

  • 3

    Use a comb to back-comb the hair to make it knotty. Spread some dread wax on your hands and roll the new dreadlock between them. Repeat the backcombing and rolling process several times until that braid begins to look like a dreadlock.

  • 4

    Do this for each of the braids until you have a head full of dreads.

  • 5

    Over the next couple of weeks, avoid getting your hair wet in normal shower water. Soak the hair in salt water to further dry the hair. Apply more wax as needed.

    And yes i would like soft fuzzy dreads. hahah not dry and brittle that method sounds ok up until the waxing? i dunno, what do you think?

why bother

best way to dread

1 wash with dread soap throw away combb and conditioners

2 optional;y use sea salt sprays

\3 dio not avoid water! or washing washing helps dreads dread

thats all no backcomb no wax no over drying no vbraidiong no rolling

optional method


use twist n rip



rebackcombiung is very very bad idea it damages and undoes progress

wax very veruy bad

not wetting..ewewwwwww

your friend is cluelesw

be sure u tell him to get that nasty wax iut

it prevents dreading

hahah i will tell him to get his facts straight. or atleast more accurate. thanks for the input and this might be a dumb question but what is twist & rip exactly? i get the twisting of the hair but ripping? the end of the dread?

twist once spliit section into 2 parts randomly (diferent amounts in each hand each time splitting in diferent place each time) pull 2 parts away from eachother pushing knots to roots  put together split in new spot pull repeat retwist every so often like every 10-15 pulls

more random is best

for splts pulls and twist 

ofcourse its all unesacary your hair will dread by doing nothing at all

tharts the best way

u say youd only do it naturaly natural way means not combing letting it do it on its own

nature does the dreading for u

natural is best, or course.  but if you're that impatient, (Not saying you are, but hey), My girlfriend started a set by just braiding her hair and leaving it.  They did eventually mat into locks.  She washed them any everything.  No rubberbands, no wax, no anything.  It's a little cheating, but it worked.  After a while they stop looking like braids and tangle themselves.

That being said, You're buddies method is dead wrong.  Eagle said it all.  Only thing I'd add is that when you are starting out, for the first few months, don't use a bar of soap.  Use liquid.  It's easier and gentler on baby locks.  Wash very 2-3 days for a few months.  Make sure you leave enough time in between washes to let your hair completely dry.  Best drying method is to squeeze or shake out all excess water and then just dry in the sun.  If it's cold out, squeeze the water out, wrap in a towel and squeeze.  Let it sit in the towel for 10-15 minutes.  Blow dry for a few minutes.  And then let it air dry the rest on it's own.

Don't go to bed with wet locks.  check them one more time before you go to bed.  If their still a little damp, hit them with a blow drier again for a few minutes

well thanks the helps appreciated. i guess i didn't mean fully all natural. i will speed up the process by dreading them myself i just meant no wax or any of the many things i've heard are good for dreads but really are just full of chemicals.

just a lil note

if u look around the site u will find hundreds of cases were ppl started with ways to speed it up only to start over naturally before thy were even mature

others after years started over naturally

my opoint is

give natural a try

u can always twist n rip later

but if u jump into tnr and 3-6 months in decide u wish u went natural u gotta start over

i used the twist and rip method on my hair and it worked great. only use a residue free shampoo. not conditioner on dreads ever. thats the only "drying out" you shound do. you dont want weak dreads. i also used wax a few times and thought i had made an informed decision, but i was wrong. ive removed all wax and im at 5 months now. my advice. make sure your sections are as square or round as possible. i have some that are kinda rectangles and they try to grow together all the time. i had to twist some together because they became immpossible. and 2nd is to take you time and really do it as tight as possible. the looser they are the more loops you will have. here is a vid showing you how to TnR.

ps. in the video she put the rubber band on the before twisting and ripping. i would not do that. i would put the band on after the dread is formed to insure the root is as tight as possible.

there's natural, neglect, and forced.  neglect is the best.  That's when you just don't do anything but separate after you wash.  natural includes tnr and backcombing.  Back combing is more damaging than tnr.  Eagle explained tnr well.  That's the best way to get locks started.  After you do that, you don't have to do anything.  They'll come out a little bit after the first few washes, but really quickly, you'll start seeing improvements.  the TnR method just helps the sections get started

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