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some of my dreads are very dry and brittle feeling probally from dying and bleaching lol what can i use on them to make them soften upa bit? i already use the dreadlock liquid and the little sample of the bar i got and they do make them a lil soft but their stilll dry feeling :/

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aloe jojoba

somethin like that

if u use sea salt stop for a bit

the only sea salt i use is already in the shampoooooooo

maybe find a shampoo with no sea salt.  Have you tried the BS ACV wash?  ACV is a good conditioner.  It should soften up your locks a bit

I have this same problem. I colored my hair, the roots every 5-6 weeks while growing it long. With a demipermanent color. I only used high quality shampoo/conditioner and since I tend towards dry I would only wash about every 3-5 days. I always air dried my hair, other than the one day every 5-6 weeks when I would get it colored. Now with it dreaded, and even less scalp oils being distributed it is soooo dry it feels like it could crack off :P Im exaggerating of course, but seriously it's freaking dry. It feels the best when I do the bs/acv followed by aloe/jojoba oil. That good feeling lasts 2days, and by the 3rd day it's dry again. I'm only using henna now. I wouldn't ever consider coloring or bleaching my dreads, I would feel like it was too risky. This week I bought coconut oil, to eat and to use on my hair. I've conditioned it with regular (matrix or eufora) conditioner 1x week for 2 weeks now and I feel that was worth any loosening of surface hair. I used br bronners yesterday fir the first time on my hair. It feels terrible. I won't be using that again. I'd try the jojoba oil after washing. Apply to towel dried hair to capture some of the moisture. I didn't apply it to the scalp.

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