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Hello all!!   I am currently on the search trying products that may volumize or give my locks more body and volume (bonce if you will). Anyone already know the anwser?? They seem to be flat and sad lately and need more oomph!! Thanks in advance.

Much love,

Nicole :)

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what products aee u using now im sure they need less not more like are they weighted dowbn from buildup/

tho id trty the bar it makrs em super healthy and really brings em back to life

I dont use any products on my hair except for shampoo bars. mostly maylees and lush. i should have elaborated more on the "products" word. what i mean is shampoo bars with certain ingredients thatll volumize my hair. its not weighed down from buildup cos theres nothing in my hair to do so. Or maybe even a concotion/rinse I could make that will vloumize and give my hair more body. They create shampoos like this for normal hair so I thought, Well, why not Locks?? If there isn't anything currently, I intend to make one so I need to know what ingredients will do this. :)

as far as my understanding is volumize means adding residues to make the hair shaft thicker and add volume  so its all a matter of residues which u dont want

Are you sure? Cos I just picked up a shampoo bar at work (Lush) and it contains sea salt in it which I read is supposed to add volume to the hair. My hair type has always been more on the flat side so I wanted to find a solution for me and others that have this problem. I don't believe that there isn't a solution. There has to be.

heather or panterra would know more  but as far as i know volume comes from builtup thickening the hair itself or from something keepiong the cuticles open like teasing or backcombing does how they got the whole big hair look in the 80s

and many shampoos say adds volume and most if not all that say that leave residues

what else is in the lush bar sea salt should dry em and make em  knot easier

Thanks for all the input SE. :) Yeah, the shampoo bar is called Seanik. It has sea salt and seaweed so it should be the effect of swimming in the ocean. :) I just used it but my hair is wrapped in a towl so we'll see. :) That sucks that the big hair look is cause by damaging cos I fell in love with that look ages ago but dont want to hurt my hair to acheive it. Maybe in time I'll find a healthier alternative. I got into Lush because I want to get into make soap some day. Specifically for healthy locks of diff types. My locks are 4 and a half years old and quite mature and everytime I see a newbie with their fluffy new locks it make me miss mine when they were babies.

try the dreadlockshampoo bars they contain kaolin clay and beer and really make yoir dreads feel amazing and look visibly healthier then anything i tried

yeah i was going to say get a bar from they definitely make my locs feel lighter and therefore fluffier. 

Aside from teasing/backcombing to make big hair in the 80's, they also used the blowdryer and "lifted" the hair.
If you have the time and the ability, drying and blow drying your locks while hanging upside down would surely make 'em look more volumous. ;)

yes, dreadbars from dreadlockshampoo site make your hair fluffier, plus if you want, blow dry upside down like Hans said. I do that and it works. In between washes I spray with super weak sea salt mix and blow dry upside down(this is NOT good if you have very dry hair). Also, a loose pony on the very top of your head for a few minutes also lifts the hair for a while when you take it out']

Yeah that would work and maybe use a diffuser on your hair dryer. 

Hans Miniar Jónsson said:

Aside from teasing/backcombing to make big hair in the 80's, they also used the blowdryer and "lifted" the hair.
If you have the time and the ability, drying and blow drying your locks while hanging upside down would surely make 'em look more volumous. ;)

i blow dry them upside down and i used to do sea salt rinses, but haven't lately as my hair has been really dry.

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