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Hello all. I started my dreads about 7 months ago using the twist and rip method.  Acting on ignorance and a lot of bad advice, I put a good amount of beeswax in my new dreads thinking it would help them.  A few months and a good amount of learning later, I realized the error of my ways.  I used several different methods to get the wax out of my dreads, but never really accomplished too much.  However, despite being covered in wax in a few areas, my dreads have shown a good amount of growth and progress.  This fact, and a very persistent hope that my dreads will recover, keep me keepin' on.  Last week, I learned of the all-natural wax removal gel's release, and I was even more hopeful! I purchased a jar and received it in the mail in just 4 days.  Today marks my first use of the stuff, and I thought I would document my progress so that others can read a bit about how well the product works.  Firstly, it smells awesome. It's a little less viscous than I would have expected, but the texture and smell are both certainly enjoyable.  After just my first application, I can already feel a difference in the amount of stiffness and graininess of a select few dreads. I figured I would apply it several times with various methods over the period of a few days, as some of my dreads are more waxy than others.  The first use involved me following the directions given by the website, massaging the wax remover into my dreads for a few seconds each, leaving it in for about 5 minutes, and rinsing with hot water.  I can certainly tell a difference in most all of my dreads, but I suppose I had good amount more wax in others than I previously thought. I figured my next application would involve maybe taking more time to massage the gel into each dread (especially really troubled ones) and leaving it in for a bit longer, working it with my fingers to make sure it penetrates to the core of the dread.  I will be sure to update as I attempt different methods and observe more results.  I hope this thread may be of some help to those considering this method of wax removal!

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im so glad its working well for ya were you able to visibly see wax come out in the rinse?

from what i was told it is very effective and removed dhhq and kb wax  at severely overwaxing standards (but in young not very tight dreads) in 1 application however u said beeswax thats extra hard to remove  ..and extra hard period  it gets pretty solid so u may have to do some extra  to get it out but i think this should do u good in just a few applications

but it shouldnt take the 15-30 application the body splash took

oh you did say u used alot tho too

keep us posted i guess the combo of alot and the beeswax make you the perfect guinipig  or test subject since your wax will be extra hard to remove so if w know what it takes you to get 100% effectiveness  we will know abut a max needed for others who went overboard or used non dread waxes.

It's a shame you ended up with the wax in your dreads, but glad it seems to be working for you :) I managed to get mine out, but it's great that there's a product that will remove wax even if you've used a lot of it, especially since if you can feel the difference after just one application, as opposed to having to constantly try to get it out for weeks or months.

im really g=hopeful this helps alot of people recover from wax disasters..

i hope we get many reviews to back thst up

maybe try leaving it in longer, or massaging more, or some heat like a hot steamy towel on your head when the remover is in, to help soften the wax and thus emulsify it more?

yea especially when washing it out hot water will help  but thick gobs will need work to get it to penetrate and remove it all

wax is very resistant to removal so you got to get it worked in good  soaps will take off like a thin layer if your lucky

this should work deeper but to realy get to the center of clumps might take a few tries  and deep rubbing to get it worked in well

Okay, so I just did the second round of application. This time I decided to apply it in a pretty hot shower with the hopes that I'd soften up the wax a little bit more.  I kind of scooped some into my hand and worked it into a lather and applied it to troubled areas.  Some of my most heavily waxed parts of dreads were really stiff at first, but then as I worked it in more and more from the root down it began to really come out. I could feel the wax on my fingers and the previously clumped sections began to become really loose.  I didn't spend a whole lot of time on it total, but the areas that I focused on really did show lots of progress. I figure that a few more tries should do the trick, so I'll continue to update. 

excelent and if it works that good on straigh beeswax it should really work wonders on dreasd wax

id still do it a few times after your convinced its all gone just cause its so dificui[ult and can fool u into thinkinbg its gone

but it seems we do now have real hope for dread wax survival

After the third application, I'm starting to realize how laborious this process will be. However, due to actually getting results and freeing some of my hair from the wax, I will continue to re-apply as long as it takes. I am determined to have beautiful, natural, maintenance free dreads (after all this trouble of getting the wax out, that is).  The product is doing its job very nicely, especially with really hot water and a lot of working it in with my fingers.  I've decided it is best to try and unravel the dreads with the most wax, as that seems to be the only way to get the remover in there.  This is sad, because it represents months of (perceived) progress. But I'm not too worried about that, because I would much rather keep my hair length and have to start dreading over than cutting it all off and waiting for it to grow back before I begin.  

well the type wax u used made it extra hard to remove so ..its kinda expected to take extra work

but its ciming out slowly but surely so thats a great sign

with dread wax should only take a couple applications i believe unless waty over used and been in for years

may ask about making an extra strength version for beeswax?

 this was tested on knottboy i think or maybe dreadheadhq i forget which

Success! After about 6 total applications and a lot of finger work, I am fairly confident that my hair is finally wax free! I've just ordered a wool tam and today officially begins my (re)start of dreads.  Thanks to SE for helping me along and being supportive, and a huge thanks to Vicki at for making an awesome product to help me get the wax out without having to chop all my hair off.

I'm now on my way to healthy dreads the natural way.


awesome good to know

This stuff really works! I just got some in the mail yesterday, and used it last night. My dreads are much looser, freer, and cleaner. About to do the second application.

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