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"It's kinda sad that I never even thought about wrapping my dreads around each other before I…"
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new dread question

I have only had my babies for going on 2 weeks so I know they are supposed to be still sift at this…See More
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I have TnR dreadlocks just shirt of 2 years old now. Haven't had any issues and don't 'do' anything to them. I started with a TON {around 160 locks} because I have a ton of thick hair and had skinny locks, but many have congos over the year and 3/4 {most have congos--sometimes 4,5,6 have become 1}. anyways, i have a few that seem to be in danger of falling out because they never congoed and are super thin at the root--like a few hairs holding them in place. My daughter had natural, neglect dreadlocks from 8 months old until just recently at over 2 years--she ended up having approx 20, but she lost like 4 or 5 from the same issue--thinning and then eventually falling out. What can I do to save these dreads? I wouldn't care, but 2 of them are my front hair line and would be VERY noticeable if they were gone : ( Can I wrap them together? i am hesitant to add any more weight or strain to the length--is it inevitable???


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you never did anything? hmm thats odd

well if u dont seperate they will congo (like ui know) but u can wrap 2 together with hemp or embroidery thread they are right up front tho so may want to make it look decorative nit just to tie em so instead of wrappingan inch of roots wrap the 2 maybe 4 or 6 inches from root too 6 inch down

 you can even wrap the 2 for 3 inchesthen wrap each so it splits

that wll help a longer area fuse  too

u couldnt be pregnant could ya?

pregnancy hormones could cause simular issues and ive actualy corectly guessed 3 members were pregnant by the dread issues they

(i guess i am getting good at this haha)

but we want updated pics and 1 to add to the tnr page since your pics on there

I will update pics soon ; )

I am not pregnant {nor is my daughter--haha} and this has been going on for a few months now! Although I will say that your radar is quite 'on' SE because I will be pregnant very soon. I certainly hope that wont make my hair fall out more--what is the correlation? Hair usually thickens during pregnancy because of rapid cell turnover and prenatal vitamins and the premise that most women just generally take better care of themselves when they are gestating. 

I am going to wrap the 2 that seem to be thinning the most. I have been through quite a journey with they dreadlocks and am in a sweet spot again loving them--although they never seems to grow at all and have shrunk more than 50% from where I started, but thats ok. It is what it is. I do sometimes miss brushing my hair--weird, huh? 

I will take some pics when I wrap the struggling ones and send em your way, but for is the most current pic and you can kinda see them.


well from my understanding during pregnancy it sheds way more but grows faster too  you may see it thicken but u lose alot more

i dunno maybe the hairs themselves get thicker but theres more loss?

i just know  many see the hair thin out  it might be ear5ly on then thicken im not sure the hormones go haywire as you know wghich causes chaos in all the systems including hair growth and loss

From my experience my hair actually stopped falling out while I was pregnant, and I've known several other mom's that had the same thing happen... and then all of a sudden a few months after you give birth all of that hair that was supposed to fall out while you were pregnant falls out in a very short period of time, like a couple weeks. I started FREAKING when it happened, but was reassured when other local mom's were going through the same thing. Sorry I know that didn't help with your original post, but I wanted to put my two cents in. :) Good luck!

Hmm this doesn't seem like a normal issue to me. And the fact that you both are having this happen is odd. Nutritionally there might be something you guys are deficient in. There are lots of causes for hair loss though.  Make sure you are getting enough protein, the vitamin B's, iron, zinc, vitamin C etc. Thyroid issues can cause hair loss as well as some bacterial/fungal issues I think. I believe Jojoba oil is good for the scalp/skin and you shouldnt have any issues applying some since your dreads are 2 yrs old. You might want to look into sage as well as I have read a bit about it as a tincture or tea applied dierctly to the scalp.

It could be related to a health condition or as simple as needing better scalp health. So hard to say... Goodluck!!!

agreed it could be nutrition ..stress ..several issues u can ask our hair guru to take a look at this

biotin rosemary  are good options (rosemary topical biotin internal)

calcium protein


u did start off thin and seperating could thin lil more

so possibly a 2 way approach is best  let em or encouraging em tio congo with nutrition support (and destressing if u are stressed)

I don't really think that it was based on nutrition, I was/am religious about taking my vitamins. And I know that some of the other mom's I know are very conscious about their health. 4 other women in my group went through this a few months after the baby was born. Of course out situations are different than the original post is concerned, we delt with it just a couple months after the baby was born, not years. It could possibly be from a thyroid issue, I've wondered if part of my problem that struggling with weight loss isn't based on the same issue.

Do you always have your hair tied back like that?  Or at least pretty often?  

I have been having the exact same issue with the one lock dead center on my forehead hairline.  You can even see it in one of my videos.  I make a point to point it out.  It's not so prominent in the video, because I recently twisted some hair to try to thicken it up at the root, but to no avail.  Since then I have pretty much stopped tieing them back.  If I have to, I do it so loosely that they can fall out of the knot easily.  I think that it come from when they are tied back that the locks in the very front get pulled a little tighter than others and, bit by bit, hairs get pulled out.  You don't really notice it until your root is so thin, like yours is.

I recommend tieing it to the lock closest to it, and for a little while stop pulling your hair back.  That means, no hats, bandannas, hair ties.  None of it.  Just let that one recover and flop around as it pleases. In time it will retangle with the hairs around it and the root will thicken up on it's own

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