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Nathan St. Armand commented on Lauryn Dowding's blog post How my dreads have changed me
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3 months and 1 week :]

the little guys are doing awesome!!! The knots are beginning to work up towards my roots and I…
10 hours ago
with any method except natural its typical to freak out constantly over every lil unexpected change in your baby dreads, it starts with oh my god they are getting looser not tighter then progresses to oh my god i got my dreads wet then theres a loose hair or a loop or a bump or a bend oh my god what should i do?
then you rush off to the internet and start posting ..ive had dreads for 3 while weeks and they aremnt the way i wanted them helllp
or..ive had dreads a month now whens it ok to wash them..

over and over the answer ya get is..relax, give them time..dreads will do what they do without you needing to fuss over them..
then the next day..maybe 2 your back at the computer with a whole new set of questions..

so how do you break that cycle?
get rid of all your mirrors ..your calanderes too..forget all about your hair about how much time has passed
dont try to dread...try to live without the need to fuss with your hair first..
dreads arent a look but a stop thinking how u want to look instead start living how you want to live
the 1st day you get "nice dreads" on the street thats the day ya should allow yourself a peek in a mirror

ofcourse feeling instread of looking is ok feeling u can check to make sure sections arent growing together...and that is all the info u need to get great dreads

if you wait to check on progress till others point out the great progress you will be fascinated not frustrated by the proccess

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my mom will get pissed if i start taking all the mirrors down, and thats the only way i will keep from looking.

Lol...I remember those silly questions: "How do you wash your hair?" Um...with shampoo.

I've had more than one set of dreads, so I already know to expect them to look crappy in the beginning. SOLUTION: A Bandana

But here's my horror story: One time, the reason I had to shave off my beautiful, slightly past shoulder-length dreads because we went on vacation. During the weekend, my cousin managed to give me a wonderful present...LICE. Now - I was used to a little itching, so I didn't notice right away. Someone else pointed it out to me. Glad it was my sister. Yuck...I couldn't keep all that in my hair so I had to shave them off after killing the lice. I didn't even think about dreads again for a long, long time. I was heartbroken!!

u can get rids of em without cutting tho

This is so true it makes me sad when someone wants to cut their dreads because of a little loose hair or frizzies .

i know haha ive seen so many ppl say "i had dreads before 5 times but everytime i got to a month they were really loose so i combed them out  and started over i guess if they dont work this time im not meant to dread"  ofcourse they didnt know that they almost always do that ..its perfectly normal and just waiting awhile would result in them dreading right back up

I love the natural dread method philosophy! It's like a journey with all kinds of amazing surprises!

The original post was one of the greatest things I have ever read in my life, and SE, once my dreads tighten and become friggin beautiful, I will try to find a bead of an eagle so that when I look at it, I think "Hey, SE helped me with this :)"

wow that would be such an honour

Cameron Scott Bainger said:

The original post was one of the greatest things I have ever read in my life, and SE, once my dreads tighten and become friggin beautiful, I will try to find a bead of an eagle so that when I look at it, I think "Hey, SE helped me with this :)"

this is so me spot on! i have so many questions and concerns but at the same time i know that i need to just chill and take it on day by day. today is the start of week 2 for me, so far i have looked in the mirror every day examining each dread  not because im worried  more because im amused.  i can already feel my hair kind of matting about 3 inches below my roots and it makes me so so so happy!  altho i do have lots of fly away hairs but i see them as soon to be dreads. when the messy look really starts to bother me i just throw my dreads up in a ponytail  and the best part is, i dont need hair ties any more! i can use my dreads to tie it up! so great :) i love my babies and im SO happy i found this site. with out this site i would be so lost in questions and concerns :)) 

I remember asking you those EXACT questions SE. and now I find myself answering them for others. :) 

haha well i think i get asked those questions virtualy every day..

I went to the bar for a little bit on Friday to have a few beers and to shoot some pool. Anywho I had an older lady come up to me and said "I love your hair and how did you get it like that". I told her to just wash your hair but to be careful of what you wash with and to throw away your hair brush. Then later on, some dude said "get a f'n hair cut hippie"! I said thank you but I'll pass!
Having short hair and constant bedhead any more doesn't really bother me much like it use to. My hair/dreadies have the good days and the oh my god my hair's a f'n mess but I don't care cause I know that in the end (in a few yrs once my hair gets longer) it'll all be worth it!

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