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Almost there ...

11 month update! I also updated my timeline here:…
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8 days ish

About 8 days after backcombing.. & abandoning any further intervention ie:crochet, wax etc.…
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Hello all, I was just wondering if any other dread mamas out there began their journey for their children, or if any one else has began their journey to celebrate a huge moment in you life?


For me I began letting my hair dread naturally after my son was born. I wanted to celebrate his life and this was the perfect way for me.I wanted to capture our memories as mother and son in a permanent time line that I always carry with me.  I wanted him to be a lot like my dreads, easy going, and care free. I wanted to teach him to accept other people for who they are. I wanted him to be diverse, and love and accept everyone. I took him to music festivals, and he has always felt more at ease around nature. He is a very social little guy and loves every one!  After now having my dreads for almost 3 years I have noticed how much I grew as a person as well. The more I began to grow as a human being, and a mother the more my dreads have began to grow. The closer my son and my bond began to grow the tighter my dreads. My son is 3 now, and he is just an awesome little guy!! He is everything that I could ever want him to be, and I am happy my dreads continue to grow a long with him!


I was just wondering if you guys had any stories that are close to your hearts that you would like to share. I would love to hear them!!


There are some pictures below to show from the early moments of his life, and also my dreads, and then a more recent one.


~peace and love~

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i had a freind  whos dad started his dreads the day she was born she was 40 last i talked to her (5 or 6 years back i guess) so his dreads were 40+ years old he kept losing chunks off the ends especialy off his beard which he useds to stuff a pillow  for his soon to be born grandson  (he was kivin in the jungle in belize and she was in germany with her husband who was stationed there in the marines)


last i talked to her was when she was bout 5 or 7 months preg and was concidering dreading after the birth..but being a military wife was lil unsure how theyd take it on the base where hey lived so i duno if she did i hope so though


Aw that is cute, hope she did too!! You know how far Rex and I have come!! :)
I'm growing mine to remind me of my internal strength and power as a woman... My hubby and I are trying to start a family so I love that these two journeys began together :)

I began my locks when stopped smoking pot, became a vegetarian and started to eat all natural or organic.  I had taken all of my piercings out and tried to let my body be sacred again.  I had always felt in tune with the earth, and decided to let my body show that.  

Since then, I have started hiking more and more.  and feel more in touch with the world around me.  I have put in a few peircing, but I can always remove them.  I got that itch to get more tattoos, but I feel that I need to listen to my body.  It tells you what you need to know.  I do not go into anything lightly, though.  That is due a lot to the patience that it took for me to get my locks this mature and long.  
My locks have taught me to take things easier and not get mad about the simple things in life.  

I hope others have been fortunate to have their locks mean something more than a look to them

I hope my children choose to lock their hair when they get old enough to make that choice.  I would never do it to them against their will.  Plus, as clean as our hair is, kids get into some crazy dirtyness, and don't always want to take a bath.  I want their hair to be clean and not fall out or be smelly, because they didn't want to, or were not mature enough, to take care of them

I started mine for my son.  He was killed July 3, 2011, at the age of 14.  He used to pull things out of my head, you know; I would think of something and he would say it out loud.  It was like that with dreads.  We were in the car one time and I was thinking to myself, that's it, I'm going to just do it, and he says, Mom, you'd look good with dreads.  And so, I have the approval of the most important man in my life. 

I waited 4 months after he died to start.  They (who ~are~ They, anyway?) say you should wait at least 90 days bee-fore any drastic changes after a life-altering, I went a bit further, as it were. I am so happy with them and only wish he were here to see them, but I know Jerry is nodding his head and saying "Mom, you look badass".   xo

That's really sweet

thats beautifull

All of your thoughts are so touching!

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