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Two years

I reached the two years mark a few days ago, I just remember to upload a pic.
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"I can't wait to see how the look this year!"
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"It's kinda sad that I never even thought about wrapping my dreads around each other before I…"
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dread gurus
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"welcome but dont bother palm rolling it does nothing at all....nothing goodanyway"
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Somewhat recent

It was a beautiful day outside. :o
6 hours ago

dread gurus
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"they shouldnt ever be stiff..firmer but not stiff just wrap dreads around drezads and tuck them…"
6 hours ago
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new dread question

I have only had my babies for going on 2 weeks so I know they are supposed to be still sift at this…See More
8 hours ago
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dread gurus
☮ soaring eagle ॐ and morgan christine are now friends
10 hours ago

our organic shampoo experts have uncovered the true origins of dreadheadhq shampoo.

so you think it was developed by jonny clean for dreads?

guess again! Jonnys daddy developed it many years before dreadheadhq existed as a hunting shampoo, one that would leave no scent so you can more easily sneak up on poor defenseless animals and kill them

go figure huh

it seems to fit in with the fact that lock peppa is also the exact same product sold to remove cat ear hair

(a powder poured into the ears to make it easier to yank out hairs) (google lock peppas full lit of ingredients minus the wintergreen scent and u will find its a cart ear hair removing product)

jonny and dreadheadhq just remarkets other products to use for dreads

wax..wax should be used on cars and asses not dreads

crochert hooks and felting needles  and latch hooks alike are made for crafts like ..well crochreting hats making rugs and soft felt toys..not for dreads

the butta..who knows where that came from maybe a laxative nema? who knows

id known lock peppa was repackaged ear hair remover fir a long time but wsant surprised at all toi find rthe shampoo was never made for dreads or intended to be used often art all

only for before the hunt maybe if it was only used that often it woulnt be so harsh on the scalp

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omg who wld have thought....

bahahaa "wax should be used on cars and asses"

vicki that makes the shampoos does alot of research into the ethics of every ingredient she uses and often researches the ethics of other soaps anbd such and even bronners which is very ethical she found problems with certain ingredients

but she was amazed dreadheadhq can stay in business i forget which product it wss but it vu]=iolated labeling las providing no ingredients whatsoever

not on the site noer on the label

Cat ear hair remover? I'm amazed that this even exists lol but that they're basically using that for your Has anyone ever, like posted this stuff on their facebook page? That would be funny, but I guess it'd do more harm than good, since the people supporting the products would just think it's some petty, ill-informed people causing trouble.

yea  i think it was goldeneagkle that found that out

google the lock peppa ingredients list and u find a cat ear hairremover thats the exacy=t same thing

i bet its made by daddy too

That's just nasty! I can't believe I almost fell for their advertisement a few years ago. Soooo glad I didn't.

Agreed. Wax is for cars and hairy asses. Or backs. And upper lips. Unibrows, too.

I have nightmares about trying to WASH hair that has that nasty stuff in it. All I can picture is trying to scrub a candle. Nasty.

Good info to know, SE. Thanks.

haha yea scrubbing candles  and trying to wash away till you get to the wick

wonder how many months that would take?

Oh how awful! I'm not sure why I'm surprised, really.... It's just terrible that he wanted to profit so badly that he remanufactured some garbage products to be put into people's HAIR. eeep.

personaly i think he should give up and become a clown insteasd

hes too bad a liar to make it as a scam artist

but hes perfect for being a clown

this is sick. I'm so happy I never got sucked into this nonsense! They should be so ashamed

they have no shame look at how many used dreadheadhq and shaved therir headsto start over when jonny confronted them  he made excuses and sales pitches

then when we finaly push him into providing wax remover free he still goes on pushing wax and making claims that mad e no sence as usual

i dont think hes capable of being ashamed of what hes done..not as long as hes got $ coming in from his scams

i almost thought he could when 1 member explained how she had to sghave her waxy head while pregnant and gaining weight   and hiow her kids dad had to shave his just before the birth too cause of wax

but his apolgies seemed fake and empty when accompanied by sales jargon and claims that  they woukd have been fine if they jut used more dreadheadhq brand crap

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