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"Dang.. That's just not right.. :(.. He should love you for who you are.  I mean, I'm…"
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Miki Clarke replied to Miki Clarke's discussion my dad is cutting my dreadlocks off :(
"he's home :/ i don't know what to do... he's going to cut them off soon now :("
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""those who mind, don't matter -- those who matter, don't mind""
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NaturalDreads01 replied to Miki Clarke's discussion my dad is cutting my dreadlocks off :(
"No offense to your dad.. But whether or not you decided to get a tattoo has nothing to do with your…"
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☮MamaKittyLove replied to Miki Clarke's discussion my dad is cutting my dreadlocks off :(
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Kelly Kissel replied to Miki Clarke's discussion my dad is cutting my dreadlocks off :(
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Miki Clarke posted a discussion

my dad is cutting my dreadlocks off :(

Hey there, beautiful people. I'm just looking for advice or somethingI'm 18 and live with my dad,…See More
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4 hours ago

Hey everyone. I have fairly thick dreads (18months old so still short, just short of shoulder length), and the dreads I cut off were big too (ten years, so pretty long, half way down my back), and quite often the question of weight comes up. To my understanding, thick dreads should not weigh any more than thin dreads, because thick or thin dreads is the same amount of hair, just configured differently. Dreads retain all the hair that usually would fall off the head. The surface area of the hair on the scalp distributes the weight evenly and the same as if they were separate dreads or thick dreads. I don't see how there could be any real difference in weight or strain on the scalp. I have seen a guy where I once lived, he had three dreads about five feet long, and that was his whole head of hair. I have no concerns about weight whatsoever or drying time. Thick dreads are not hard to care for, just a little bit different to thin dreads, wash less in the cooler months is about all, if you think you have any issue with mold or whatever, you can use oils or vinegar or special dread products to deal with it.

Grow thick dreads and grow them today.

peace and blessings


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was there a question in this?  but yea thicker dreads can be a hassle but  theygotta be pretty thick..i know ppl with monodreads too  that are huge   and they suffer the pain and  frustrations because they feel spiritualy bound to  letting them be that  that bietnamese dude with the 20+ foot long unidread  he felt if he  cut or  combed it out hed get deaftly ill  again  so accepted the burdon

mine arent thick but overall are heavy when ewet especialy and cause a stuff neck alot

because they are thinner thjo theres no painful pilling on any 1 dread  just an overall heaviness

Question? I posted in general talk. I guess I was just generally talking about the weight of thicker dreads, and welcome anyone else to generally talk about them.


I assumed thick dreads would be heavier because the section itself would be heavier and pull more. I don't know, I want dreads for life, but I hope I don't end up with neck pain or anything because of it.

tara keep in mind i broke my back and its fused so i always got back and neck pain but when wet the weight just makes it worse

I think a strong spiritual connection is necessary because when we grow dreads for long periods of time, or we are growing big fat dreads there will be some discomfort and we will need the strength that comes from a spiritual connection. There is no strength in a 'hairstyle', there must be more, it must go deeper to pass through the trials that will come, that goes with anything in life really, in my opinion, a spiritual life is a full life, and dreads are just part of that.

peace and blessings

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