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DREAD HELP!! does this look right?

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It amazes me how quickly dread maintenance can lead to dread loss. Typically a dread about an inch thick should support about thousand pounds. In order to break a dread or have one falloff from over maintenance it will have to be weakened severely the point where it only takes a few pounds to break. A yank on a dread that is about a hundred pounds will really jar your neck out at least. So you would feel it pretty severely. But often people report dreads just falling off or being lost from normal activities like diving in a pool, sitting on them, or just waking up to find dreads on your pillow. To weaken a dread that much takes a lot of harm done to it.

Now we have seen severe harm done by twisting weekly over a 12 year period causing traction alopecia and dread loss, which was way over maintenance over a long stretch of time. But we also see people just starting their dreads and lose them within a year.

This happens a lot with trying to rush maturity, making them dread too fast or try to tighten the roots before are ready to be tight and try to force them to dread faster. It amazes me how quickly they can break. And how quickly they can get weak from people incessantly work on their dreads.

It takes a lot of overworking on them to cause dreads to break within weeks or months but it does happen. I don't get why people think they need to maintain baby dreads. They are babies that just starting off, they aren't even really formed yet. But they feel like they need to palmroll them constantly and work on them to force them to dread faster.

I wonder if when they are loose like that a new if there more easily damaged. It does seem like so many people get into trouble in a hurry and often the dread losses within the first year or two.

Just food for thought.

Normally when I think of maintenance I think of something that's going to prolong the life of something. So perhaps really the best me maintenance for dreads would be no maintenance just leaving them alone so that they stay healthy and strong and last a long time.

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well said, you're probably right but i don't blame the person for doing it. they want to achieve their goal faster. they don't really know the consequences, we learn from our mistakes.

usualy they learn from others mitakes who recomend tyou make those mistakes too



dreadheadhq knottyboy



Andres said:

well said, you're probably right but i don't blame the person for doing it. they want to achieve their goal faster. they don't really know the consequences, we learn from our mistakes.

I remember all the other sites I found back in the beginning. Everybody had several products and/or tools and methods they promised and guaranteed. They just about made you think that it was impossible for Mother Nature to just take care of it. Just type in those card numbers... I understand everybody needs to make a living and pay their bills but REALLY? Why would you prey on someones' ignorance for gain? Pisses me off.

Plus no maintenance is easier! And no longer having to do stuff to my hair was part of the reason I got dreads. So far I've done nothing to them, I'm over 2 months in now and they are getting more and more awesome every day. :)

its so true though, how many times are we going to have to repeat ourselves though?! dont do any of those things that people told you to do lol

thats makes...100 of us :)

Rebecca said:

so glad i found this site. yer a wise man s.e.

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