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I'm jessica, I dissappeared from dreadlockssite some two years ago when I ventured off to california. Some of my friends here might remember, some not,  either way, I have cut off my first set of dreads since then. I had started  those with backcombing and wasn't satisfied. They FELL OUT and looked...bad. Not  really the dready i expected, just bad. Stiff...rough... I had also used a small (just the  recommended amount) of wax at the initial start and I must say for those even  CONSIDERING wax......DO NOT DO IT. I used the smallest amount possible and my  dreads felt gross...and smelled after a while.

Anyhow, my adventures across in the west were fun, hard, self-discovering and  lonely. Today I am living in orlando, FL with my beautiful girlfriend, happy, in  school for graphic design and dreading once again NATURALLY this  time...just ALL natural.  I found now was the right time since I had cut off all negative past energies at least twice since the initial cut and am at about 5 inches of length right now, but getting shorter by the day as my dreadies grow :) will post pics soon, On my 5th week and they're  looking awesome :D

Much love <3


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That sounds awesome.  Glad you decided to do it naturally.  I am actually going to start a thread for people to post pics of their locks with wax, and their locks now without.  So if you want to find a picture, I'd love to have people see what they will end up looking like with they use wax.

That said... I always wanted to do a cross country trip like that.  Just move around and learn and experience.  I've been the Cali.  Loved it, but it's a little too fake for me.  I'm Philly born and raised.  No one is more real and honest as people here are.  So even if I did move around, I'd always have the irking feeling that I wasn't at home.  I'm glad you got to do it though.  It must have been rough, but well worth it.  I know what you mean about getting rid of the negative energy.  There's nothing like being where you want to be and doing what you want to do.  School's hard, but I love it too.  I hope you do too.  

Good luck

congrats and welcome baxck

and yea i remember you

we have almost 8000 members now but when u disapeared i think we only had about 800 so wasnt hard to remember ya

yea its really taken off and hey your in philly area sorta i started a new site that needs help neds ppl to start using it posting stuff

join post and invite very1 u know in the area

I don't know what it is about the east coast.  I mean, everyone I met in Cali was friendly, but there was the hint of sarcasm all over the place.  Like they say hi just to say hi, not because they actually want to talk to you

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