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I need your advice!

I have enormous lumps in my dreadlings.  I know that this is natural for them to start this way.…See More
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Help with new dreads!

Hello fellow dreadies, I recently had to cut off my dreads, leaving my hair about 2 cm short. I…See More
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crafty crafters
Sarah commented on Sarah's blog post Don't Laugh...
"Thanks to you both!  I'm just blown away by the progress and enjoying every little bit of…"
i blow dry my dreads after i was them. that's cool right? it's not going to damage them in any way other than normal potential blow drying consequences, is it? just checking.

Tags: blow, drying, maintenance

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and i only wash about every ten days or so, so i don't blow dry every other day or anything.
I know a few people that blow dry dreads for various reasons mold prevention & quicker drying etc... I think you should be ok.
if anything all the hair blowing them around will make them form knots kind of like the wind. i dont know if the heat would change anything, but i did when mine were new for a few times and it was fine.
all the air* seems the site still has the issues.. wont let me edit posts.
if there already knotted up semi tight it will be fine but some people in the early stages have had trouble with the blow drying actually unknotting their progress.
I heard someone say they bought one of those hair salon blow driers at a garage sale and they are lovin it! Seems like if you were able to find one of those or something similar it would be great for people with baby dreads also. Of course if they are locked up pretty tight any ol hair dryer would be fine.
I have a cheap blow dryer and I use it to dry the outside of my cold wet dreads in winter. I haven't noticed any damage.
i blow dry mine! and i wash more often than i should, is washing too often damageing?
i blow dry as well, but if im in a real rush to go out i'll use my wet to dry straighter. and ive not had a single problem, my dreads are fully formed though.

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