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Eric Organiscak replied to Eric Organiscak's discussion Congo?
"I think it's about an inch at the most at the root when pressed together.  Yeah I'll…"
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arran craig replied to colbi godlove's discussion Anyone here Nature,Neglect,Freeform Dreadlocks! ( No separartion ) in the group Natural/Neglect
"I have not needed to separate yet but, I'm only 2 weeks in. I might not need to with my hair…"
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Sarah commented on Sarah's blog post Conditioning and smellin good!
"As quickly as my hair has been progressing, I wasn't too worried about setting myself back a…"
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"I have locs of hair that are matting in the middle and at the ends of some that feel like dread and…"
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"i started with the towel rub method, but now i dont do anything anymore. I have African…"
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No comb, no problem. Patience is a virtue!!
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"That look like the skate park from the movie "grind" where the locals mess all there shit…"
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arran craig replied to Didjeridurian's discussion What sports are you most involved in? in the group Dready Athletes
"Biking all disciplines and hope to get into races like mud runs and cross country mountain biking.…"
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Dready Athletes

Ever try to fit your dreads under a bike helmet, or swim the .5 Mile pulling big heavy sponges…See More
8 hours ago
arran craig replied to breezy bree's discussion Help the heat is coming! in the group Florida dreads
"What do you mean coming??? it is always here! lol X)"
8 hours ago
Panga posted a blog post
8 hours ago

OK I know what most people are going to say to this thread and in the end I will choose what I think is best for me but I thought I would just throw this out there anyway...

I am very glad I came across this site. My first dread journey started 8 years ago and there was A LOT less info on dreading out there then. I was going to start my 2nd dread journey the same as the first and then I saw crocheting videos and thought wow never heard of that before maybe I should try it! Thankfully I found you guys first and will not be doing that. ;)

That being said I see backcombing is discouraged here for a few reasons. But I personally had a really good outcome by it. I would like my dreads to look like they did last time (you can see in my photos in their 4th year they were pretty darn nice). Can I have the same outcome by twist and rip only? WHen I did my first dreads I backcombed then twist and rip, backcomb then twist and rip etc. The twist and rip only method is very appealing to me as it seems like much less work. But it is not worth it to me in the end if I do not get the same results.

Again I know backcombing seems to be discouraged here but I LOVED my dreads and have nothing negative to say about the process besides it taking awhile!

So again I guess I am just wondering if you guys think they would look the same with twist and rip only? I am really torn on what I should do..

Tags: backcombing, dreads, locs, twist and rip

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:D It is always great when you you know something health related and the doctors look at you like, wow I never thought you would know something like that. xD I have surprised my doctors many times with some of my health knowledge. Or I have even called them out on their lies (or stupidity not sure which it was lol).

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