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Started out with back combing. Nothing else other than washing with baking soda, rinsing with apple cider vinegar and accelerating with sea salt/lemon juice spray off and on. I have notice that the length has now set in. I still wonder how long it will take for them to be more cord/rope like...please if anyone out there can tell say so. Again this is my 14 mo. and still loving them.

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lose the lemon juice  sea salt dries and roughens so it tightens

lemon juice softens and conditionms so it loosens

the 2 do oposites

why ppl use em together is beyond me

just the sea salt is all u want

they look awesome


WOW!!! All this time I was under the impression that the two were used together :-(   I will drop the lemon juice. Sooo sea salt/water mix only.  Thanks for that little bit of they may tighten up even more.

peace and enjoy your day

Well just because that is what I have come to like in the way of dreads. Just like that look. My son had his for seven years, natural all the way, his where rope like, that is what I want. I have some pictures of him on my photo page if you care to see. peace with all forms of dreads. Enjoy your day.
Well my son does not maintain them, he cut them all off about 4 months ago. Sad. Thanks for your input though. Peace
start using sea salt only  and try to cut out the acv from your washing routine for a good while.   ive only used acv once and mine tightened up really nice.  10 mo and most of mine are completely mature and ropelike.  i wash with only baking soda every time (homemade soap now that ive henna'ed) and every now and then when theyre still wet after a shower (after i dry them as much as i can with a towel), ill spray them down with a strong sea salt/water mix in a spray bottle.  until you wake up the next day the texture will be weird but trust me try that and you'll see great results fast.  try the sea salt every 2/3 showers for the next few weeks then lay off of it a bit as it will dry it out quite a bit if youre not careful.  it wont dry it enough to cause breakage though, but youll need to watch out for congos.
I am on it!!! Thanks sooooo much for that bit of info. peace and enjoy your day.
I can't wait for mine to look like that! They are so pretty!!!

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