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Ok so I ve battling this for a while now not know what was happening to me 6 to 7 years no. ITSS REALLY BADDD. Im about to change my diet and start eating natural anti fungals. BUTTT im trying  to dread and some hair is falling out!!! I have gross patches all over my scalp(and other parts of my body) that flake really bad.



Tags: candida, flakes, fungus, help

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candida causes that? i didnt know that but i know that garlic  does kill it and i would guess neem seed too

look into it

cut out all sugar, candida thrives on sugar.  Also eat yogurt every day and you can take the yeast cure from any health food store (homeopathic), but I like yeast guard...that's what I use for my son.

Huge red/white flaky patches Is just the start of it!!!! These a whole list of crazy intense hard to deal with symptoms. Worse part is the longer you wait to get it back in balance the harder it is to get it in check. Everyone has candida in there gut but most peoples bodys keeps it in check. AND DOCTORs have told me for sooo long either nothing is wrong with me.... Or your just gonna have to live with this theres no way to get rid of it..... WOW thank the universe for google!!!! There r many reasons why ones body would let candida take over. Im almost positive the reason my body lost the upper hand is all the antibiotics the doctors gave me a long time ago. They put me though a bunch of round of antibiotics knowing and not disclosing the risk to me that patiants exposed to prolonged treatments of antibiotics have a VERYYYY HIGH RISK OF VERY BAD FUNGAL INFECTION! Sorry for my tone... They kinda ruined a chunk of my life. I have to go now stuff to do. But I fill u guys in more wen i get back. Ive read its alot more common than most people realize it just usually goes without anyone knowing what its is. 1 out of three people I think Is wat I read. Some very mild some very very suvear. Like mine. YOU CAN DIE FROM LETTING CANDIDA GO UNCHECKED FOR TO LONG!!!! Hope I help someone in realizing they have it be4 its really bad. Hope someone more expirianced with this can tune it.

                         Lovin you Fam

☮ soaring eagle ॐ said:

candida causes that? i didnt know that but i know that garlic  does kill it and i would guess neem seed too

look into it

if candida infection is spread from vaginal then to other parts  take a garlic clove cut lil slices into it ..lil nicks in the sides and incert it (you will sweat garlic for awhile)  leave it in 24 hours or so and replace

eat alot of garlic too along with as she said yogurt

look into neem i believe it will help too

the garlic and yogurt definateky will

yea antibiotics will trigger it

anytime im on them i eat alot of yogurt

it's mostly in your intestinal tract, you have to counter balance like Stephanie said, but you have to go WAY overboard and stop anything it feeds on first plus use acidophilus.  Take double doses for 5 days and drink at LEAST 8 oz water every hour to flush your system.  you can also do a total cleanse, but don't do both at teh same time...xo

I also suffered from candida outbreaks due to too much usage of antibiotics. Compromised immune system. I found something that works ten times better than yogurt: kefir!! You can actually buy the stuff already made in the store or you can make it yourself for WAY cheaper. After you get going with it all it costs you is the milk itself. It's so simple to make.

Kefir has a dozen probiotics whereas yogurts only have two or three at the very most. Here's where I got my kefir cultures: Cultures for Health is a fantastic compendium of information about kefir. Make sure you get the MILK kefir grains- not the water kefir. They're not the same thing. 

Here's the stuff you can buy in the store.  The blueberry is to die for. Tastes like creamy blueberry yogurt. It's usually near the creamer/milks/yogurts. But not always by the yogurts for some reason. There's only two stores in my city which carry it. You may have better luck in your area.Call around to various stores and see if they have it. It's prounounced "keh 'feer" with the accent on the last syllable.

Start by drinking a quarter of a cup a day. Some people get really drastic 'results' from so many probiotics at once in their system. Gradually work your way up to one cup one to two times per day. That's all you need. And it's way cheaper to make the stuff yourself than buy it.Anyone has any questions on culturing it just hit me with a private message. I don't want this thread to be taken up with kefir talk if other people have alternate suggestions.

There is this Aussie guy who has this whole website devoted to kefir. He made an encyclopedia!!! It's astounding!  His name is Dom and here is his website: Freaking amazing work this guy has done with kefir! HE is the reason why I started making cream cheese with kefir! I never would have dared to try and make something like this. IBS, colon problems, intestinal inflammation, and so many other ailments are defeated with kefir products. I even use the stuff topically as the liquid in my green clay face mask twice a week. So you CAN use kefir topically and even as a suppository or (sorry, but I gotta say it) douche. 

Check out kefir, Stephane. I have never been so glad I investigated a weird looking bacteria cluster in my life.

Some things you ingest can help situations going on with your epidermis. But you can always make a kefir hair mask, too. You'd have a pretty soppy towel wrapped around your head but just toss it in the washer and there ya go.

Kefir actually EATS e.coli-- can you imagine? E.coli cannot live where kefir probiotics are located. Imagine what it does to candida!

Your hair is probably going to soften from the milk sugars but(there's no lactose left in the milk kefir-- kefir eats it. Lactose intolerant people can drink kefir and even eat the grains themselves.) it'd be a very safe and all natural cleansing hair 'tonic' to combat the candida.

You said that you're going to start eating natural anti-fungal ingredients. I'd suggest starting with kefir. This stuff has been around thousands of years and human immune systems only benefit from it.There is NO downside and NO side effects possible with this stuff. No human has ever had a kefir allergy that we know of.

Read Dom's site. You're jaw will drop. And then you'll get pissed because Western medicine is so near sighted and arrogant.

It's been said, but definitely avoid sugar. Keep in mind that candida tries to make you crave what it needs to feed on, so just avoid it! A high raw, unprocessed food diet would help kick it out, just because most processed foods will often contain sugar of some type, even if it's a savory food. Good luck!


LOL Dont worry guys I this has been happening to me all my life do to the spelling of my name..... BUT...

Im a male. Stephan But its spelled Stephane.

Ya ive read about the kefir. Heard great things. Im glad you can elaborate on the subject. I think in the same article I read kefir enemas can be super beneficial. Never had even a regular enema but at this point ill gladly take friquent ones if its really that good for it. Having candida is hell on earth. More like hell within a hell

Has anyone heard or read anything from customers of  "THREELAC"?

oh haha in that case ..dont go incerting garlic anywhere haha

but eat alot

(ouch not gonna wonder how that feels)

kefir is a excelent suggestion

this isnt dread maintenance related so moving  its more hair scalp health tho probly should have gone in the aklternative medicines group instead

but ill move to hair heakth  for now if it stays on front page days u can close and re open in the group plz

I haven't heard of Threelac until I looked it up until now. Looks interesting. Worrisome, though, too because it looks like they literally stick the candida food in there with the probiotic. Then again, that could just be paranoia on my part because of my old mindset before making kefir. With kefir you're 'feeding bacteria' too. DUH! lol We drink and use the results of that digestion process.

So... heck. I'd give the Threelac a try. Kefir would be immensely cheaper but a bit more time consuming to get it started. It takes a week or two to start producing consistent kefir after waking up the grains. A riot, watching it happen. You swear you've got rotten milk and ... BAM! It happens. Like magic. Overnight it becomes kefir once the balance is right and the grains are fully fed and woken up. But in the meantime yeah, go ahead and try the Threelac. Keep in touch and let us know how it goes, either way.

They're looking at kefir for everything from HIV research to colon cancer. Pretty wild. It's definitely a mood stabilizer too, because of how it evens out your digestive system. It's also a mild muscle relaxer. I can attest to this because I take muscle relaxers daily and now I take less. Also, when the kids aren't in school and stressing me out to hell and back I find that I can take waaaay less Xanax when I consistently use kefir on a daily basis. A bit personal there, but I thought I'd share. When you look at Dom's site you'll see he's got quite the sense of humor about kefir. You'd swear he's a cheerleader on crack. I thought he was nuts to be so  well.. NUTS over kefir. And then I started making it and now I totally get the humor. It's like a daily yummy tonic for your belly, mind, and soul.Make smoothies with it, make cheese, hell, you can even give it to your pets! My two cats go apeshit when they see me pouring some out for myself into a cup. They love it. And it's good for them because all the lactose has been removed so they can have that yummy treat.

Ok. What else? Have you tried white wine vinegar on your skin? Ingesting watered down apple cider vinegar? I hear a lot of about apple cider vinegar taken internally. 

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