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Practical reasons for starting naturally

I am sure that most of this has been mentioned before, but i just wanted to point out some really…See More
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Hi everyone! My dreads are changing so drastically lately, it made me want to make a timeline! I backcombed my dreads in the beginning of January. I haven't palm rolled, used wax, or done anything to them except separate them.

This is me before dreads, my hair was about down to my belly button. It's a silly pic but shows just how long it was!


Here are some pictures of when they were first done, to a couple weeks old.

The next two pictures were when they were 1 month old:

Here they are at 2 months:

At 3 months old:

Month 4, the shrinkage finally starts to happen and boy is it a lot!


And here they are now at almost five months, and have shrunken to my shoulders. If you can't see that, it's because there are a few dreads that have the ends still hanging, but ready to curl up at any moment.


Here they are at six months right now:

I love my dreads:) Thanks for checking out my timeline. Let me know what ya think, much love everyone!

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These are AMazinging Beautiful! Wowee! so you become and separate what do you use to wash them?

wow. this gives me hope. just wondering if you used sea salt solution spray or anything?

This gave me allot of inspiration for my dreads who are only 2 weeks right now :) thanks! beautiful dreads :D

Thank you everyone, you guys are too sweet. I use dr bronners lavender, and sometimes avalon organics peppermint shampoo. In the first few months I did use sea salt, and It would probably benefit me if I kept doing it but I don't take much time to do it haha. But it works great to tighten them! Can't wait to see how your baby dreads develop Mike! Congrats on beginning your journey!

this is just awesome! my fav pic is the 2months one of the back of your head! it looks crazy back there!

Thanks alot Brooks! Yeah it was gettin pretty crazy thats for sure!

Tabitha said:

I most definitely will, thank you :)

Lenore Osorio said:wow maqn some awsome dreads!! they look fantastic man ,mine are 10 months old i did the same way as you backcommin i lost 9 in mines prety short but i love dreads!!! good luck an like i said AWSOME MAN AWSOME!!!!!

Tabitha said:

I most definitely will, thank you :)

Great pics Tabitha!  And such awesome dreads; they are doing so well!!

I'm kind of hoping I get some shrinkage soon since it's the beginning of summer and my hair is so thick.


Thank you Valérie! Yeah hopefully you will, it definitely feels great in the summer! So much breezier haha. I hope ya do!

Thank you for this post. Now I see how much my dreads might shrink. 

Wow... you are absolutely beautiful...

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