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"welcome dreadings as essay as intending to dread dreading can happen wether intended or knot  "
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Lauryn Dowding replied to Tina Mother's Milk's discussion Painful Dreads on top of head
"This is the same as what happens to me normally a day after I've washed. Go through and do an…"
2 hours ago

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"Aint nothing wrong with messing auround ....jus not too much...but stop wprrying all togeither..."
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"How long have you been letting it go?  Are you going the neglect route?  I am 4 months…"
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"Okay. I can try not looking in mirrors but it's really a lot harder than it sounds. Especially…"
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"i think the oainful ones are startingto congo..i think"
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dread gurus
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"stop looking atmirors altogether use shadows instead and feeokl for finding congos"
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dread gurus
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How can I 'forget I have hair' and quit touching it? Every where I go there is a mirror and I'm so…See More
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Painful Dreads on top of head

The dreads on my head are generally comfortable, but the ones at the top of my head feel like they…See More
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"welcome you came to the right plasfe..start by reading thedreaducation page"
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☮MamaKittyLove loved Patience White's blog post 3wks- now (6/7weeks) ( I may have left some pictures out)
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This community rocks !  I had a friend back-comb my dreads in April, and at the very least it was an experience :) It was very meditative zoning out for 5 hours, followed by a few weeks of looking like "sideshow bob". Since I found this site I've completely stopped touching my hair and boy am I loving life! My friend who's had 3 sets of dreads told me I have to constantly work on my dreads to get them good, but ever since I've been doing the exact opposite I can honestly say Im more satisfied with lettin' em be. I've posted some pics up, maybe you guys can give me some insight :)


-For new dreadheads!, your hair will soak up cigarette smoke like a sponge, especially if you mess with your hair after smoking. Make sure to keep your hands and hair clean; that cigarette smell makes its way into your scalp and fuses with the oils making a pretty raunchy combo of 4 day old cigarette scent with body odor and skunk ass. Just a tip :)


Thanks to everyone and SE for all the great wisdom bombs, peace and love yall !

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look good so what d9id this silly guy tell u to do constantly


palm rolling with aloe gel and root rubbing at least 5 days a week. also using lock peppa on tips and roots to help them lock. obviously they can do all of this on their own in time, letting nature take its coarse like roots. His dreads look uniform and almost perfect, but totally lack the soul aspect in my honest opinion. I don't mean to speak badly of him or his dreads, but I  prefer a more natural experience for mine. Even though I did all those things for a little while, I am where I am now. I only use the gel to tame my hair when I need to, and keep my hair and head real clean. They are starting to lock up real well. The dreads shall now show ME the way :)


massaging your scalp helps your hair grow faster though so don't totally disregard that one :)


Thanks Pat :P Nothing feels better than a nice head massage  : ) Good tip ~*~
Oh wow, can't wait for my Sideshow Bob style to tighten up and look more like yours!
When did you back-comb your hair?
I stopped brushing a week ago & backcombed on Tuesday - long way to go yet!

Already feels like I've been doing this for ages lol
lol get ready for the ride ! using beads will really go a long way on your dreads, especially in this infantile stage.
I've got one in, three to go in, two on eBay that I'm going to order - jewellery for your hair is a fab idea lol

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