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crafty crafters
Sine Marie loved taye's photo
22 minutes ago
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"My hair is about 5 inches long only the ends are locked. How long will I take to truly lock?"
49 minutes ago

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"Love your hair! I would love to get the book, is it available for those who have a nook reader?"
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Quick shrink?

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Lauren Maxwell replied to mummy-lou's discussion dying my dreads with a permenant hair colour
"Hello, When I got dreadlocks about 4 months ago my hair was already colored and highlight. I have…"
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Holy Frizz!!

Immediately after I started neglecting my hair, it separated itself into sections where I could see…See More
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How i feel about manicured locs vs freeform locs

"I like your video, you should post a video showing your hair. Peace."
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Ok so I just received my dreadlocks bar shampoo (Tea tree and rosemary). I just read from Raging…See More
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mummy-lou said
"posted a vid with no background my hair is 3 months (natural) not realy sure how I feel or how things are going. opinions appreciated x"
8 hours ago

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mummy-lou posted a video
8 hours ago

Hey everybody! It's been a while since I've last posted on here...since 3 months into my journey...and I  just wanted to say i've finally reached my 1 year and almost 1 month loc birthday.  Although I haven't updated in a while, I've still been checking the site regularly, reading the forums, and looking at all of the awesome pics that everyone's been posting :).  Just to recap I started my journey with two strand twists  after finding this wonderful site on June 20, 2010 and after a couple of unhappy retwist attempts in the first month of my journey, I decided to just go the freeform/natural route and couldn't be happier.  Since then the only thing that I do is wash with baking soda/acv with drops of oils in each mix and separate if I can remember to do that. I also dyed some locs with a store bought dye kit in early 2011.  Here are some pics throughout my journey so far...Some of the pics for several months are missing including my 1 year but it's still good :)























Stink Face! :)

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holy crap !



ok sometimes i do second guess myself worrying over wether i gave the best advice possible

but damn

this totaly proves to me that not twisting them is by far the best option they look amazing

the last 1 especialy

we want more pics!

yeah they look great :) the way they should look!
Thanks SE!  The results of your advise has surprised me along with other people that I know and I'm SO happy about that  :) .   My mom admires dreads and people that have them but she assumed that you had to retwist them in order for them to lock but when she saw how mine were forming by doing nothing she seemed a bit amazed by saying ''Wow! And they just did that on their own?" 'My best friend always compliments how nice my locs look and he's even gone as far as saying that they have a 'professional' look to them even I do absolutely nothing to them except wash and go.  Just the other day he touched my hair after it was just about finished drying after washing it and his expression was "OMG! Your hair is so soft!"  He's known for a while what I use to wash my hair but was unsure about the method until then and now he's trying the bs/acv wash on his own hair.  I wish that I had more pics to show and a better camera than the one on my phone but I will definitely try to take more and share :)
Thanks Bones ;) I wish that more people would see the beauty of just letting go

This is another random little update (now 20.5 months! w00t!)from my last update which was at 13 months.  The last 3 pics are after I washed my hair with a Nag Champa dreadlocks shampoo bar a couple of days ago and I must say that rave over those bars are legit.  They smell awesome and left my hair feeling so soft....I couldn't keep my hands outta my hair.  I'm still very much enjoying the journey and can't wait to reach 2 years soon :)

aremt they the best andr i wondered how thetywork on african hair do u need exrra moisture still or does the beer pretty mufch handle it so u dont need ant]=y extra producrs

amazing progression! love it

looking great :)

Thanks everyone! And SE that was my first time using the shampoo bar and I didn't moisturize with anything after and 4 days later my hair hasn't felt dry at all.  I washed again this morning just because I wanted to smell the scent on my hair even more :).  I don't think anyone with kinkier hair texture will need to moisturize as much if they use the bars unless they suffer from excessive dryness.  I myself haven't had to moisture very much ever since I started using the baking soda/acv rinses. If I do moisturize my hair its only in between shampooing (I'll just rinse my hair with water and massage a little oil on my locs/scalp) And I'm hoping that the shampoo bars have the same effect.

good to hear i have a feeling it will eliminate the need to use anything except on rare ocasions

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