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Shay Roach
10/10/13 10:16:07AM
2 posts

Recommended Shampoos?

Introduce Yourself

The liquid shampoo at is amazing! I always order the Nag Champa. It lasts me months, works marvels, and leaves my hair smelling incredibly fresh and earthly. I highly recommend it. It comes in a few other scents as well, and is $15 a bottle, but like I said, lasts a while and is sooo worth it :)

~~~~~Keep riding the waves luv~~~~~~

Shay Roach
10/07/13 02:56:33PM
2 posts

Extreme shrinkage

Dreadlocks Journey Emotional Support

Ahhh seems I am in the exact same boat! Atleast we are all in this together! My hair is actually looking just like yours is in the last pic, the length lost seems scary and has kind of been discouraging me a bit as well. When I first made the decision to have dreadlocks, I would google pictures of girls with dreads and see the most beautiful ladies with amazing dreads past their shoulders, I couldnt wait to have such a beautiful product on my head. But wait that sounds wrong right, a product?Isn't our hair a natural thing that grows from our head like roots? These thoughts plagued me and when I made the decision to just let my hair go it felt great. Now here we are with these concerns.As hard as it is we just have to remember what this is all about. Letting Go. Focusing on other aspects of ourselves that make us beautiful besides our physical traits. Growing from the inside out just like our awesome dreadies are! Learning patience. The journey is the reward. And like I said sister, we are in this together!! For now, on days when I have a hard time with my hair I have been wearing a lot of really cool, fancy headscarves. They also help a lot with how frizzy my baby dreads get so thats an added plus. Check out your local thrift stores!! Hang in there love and dont give up!! xoxo

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