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05/11/14 04:57:44PM
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locs and traction alopecia from twisting or interlocking

Dreads Hair and Scalp Health

Maybe I can answer a little bit...I'm black : half french & Half Ivorian born and living in Paris.

Few years ago and unfortunatly still nowadays a lot of black girls relaxed their hair, or put wigs on their head because images of beauty we had was only the white one.

The fact to let our hair live with any product to transform them and assume our nappy hair is recent for most of us.

You know in Africa or french West indies wearing locks is not very easy because people juge you automatically as drug-addict, dealer, dirty person, thief or what ever....

And lot of blak people who wear dreadlocks do not like when hair are frizzing, with new groth because they are quickly juged by their own family and friends like neglected.

So the maintenance you were talking about is the way for themseves and for the others show that you can were locks and be clean.


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