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09/05/12 02:45:54AM
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My DREAD-full journey<-- see what I did there

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Hey all, so I let my hair get to about 3" after I got out of the Army, as everywhere I looked said thats the minimum you should have to start.

I'm planning on going as natural as I can, i.e. no wax/backcombing etc. what I did do though, was started out just rubbing my hair clockwise for a few days to mat my hair up, as you can see in the pic.

Today, was the first time I used a wool cloth(my old army beret, which I thought was kind of poetic) and did the whole wool rub. Which after the state my hair was already in, worked incredibly well!

So, I'll be updating as time goes on, and am very much looking forward to this!!!
This was from the couple days ofbare handrubbing

Shot of the the back after 1st wool rub

Shot of the front after the 1st wool rub

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09/05/12 02:35:50AM
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What's up everyone!

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Hey there. My name is Bob, but you can call me Thor...I've had the nickname long before the movie came out!I was in the Army for 9 years, but have wanted dreads even longer. I was medically retired earlier this year, in March. SO, after letting my hair grow a bit, I've finally decided to begin my journey to rockin' dreads! I'm really excited and can't believe I finally get to do it!!!I found this site while doing research on starting dreads. SO, now that I have begun, I figured I would sign up, introduce myself, and meet the community.I'm gonna post in the timeline forum as well, so if you wanna see pics and more details, you can pop in there.Again, nice to meet everyone, and am looking forward to being a my girlfriend so lovingly puts it! lol
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