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04/27/17 11:25:29AM
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Positive Vibrations

Dready love

What are positive (and negative) vibrations and any perceived relationship with dreadlocks?

This question can be approached from many different angles from purely scientific, to metaphysical, spiritual, emotional, and ancient concepts like "chi energy".

From a mixed bag of the above, hair roots are the only living part of the hair, that is fed through the bloodstream, and surrounded by a sensitive nerve grouping. Emotional states, thoughts, feelings, sense of well being, and good as well as bad experiences release hormones, electro chemical signals that affect every part of the system. What makes hair unique is that this becomes like a recording. This is why many cultures cut the hair  when in mourning, or when trying to get over a trauma. This is also why many cultures grow the hair long. 

Studies conducted during Vietnam with native American scouts found they had uncanny survival skills, which were lost when the hair was cut. The long hair being sensitive to alerting you to unseen dangers. In the same way long hair  can be sensitive to other unseen energies. Getting good vibes, or bad vibes from someone from hello is an example. 

Water, thoughts, electro chemical pathways and more:

 There are famous studies that show words, thoughts, and emotions have the power to change how water crystals form, have the power to make identical plates of food be preserved longer, or rot faster depending on positive or negative "vibrations" they are exposed to. 

Thoughts are electro chemical signals passed through a network of nerves. Networks of nerves pass electro chemical signals more efficiently along well worn paths. the essence of study or learning is to engrave these pathways. As children we repeat the abc's over and over till language is effortless and poetry can flow through well worn pathways. But there is a dark side to this. Well worn pathways can be traps "your ugly' "your worthless' "your fat" can become thought patterns you are  helpless to escape. 

Chi and subtle energies:

The heart is more then an organ that pumps blood. While much of what is thought of as thought is done in the brain. the heart actually sends more electro chemical signals to the brain then the other way around. like brainwaves these can be measured outside the body. In fact can affect things outside the body. People who master these subtle energies can swim below the artic ice in underwear (look up the ice man he can teach you how to do it too)  others can take a sledge hammer to the tentacles or a sword to the throat without damage. People who study 1 form of tantric yoga use subtle energies to prolong deeply loving sexual experiences as long as 24 hours, they can experience full body (every single cell) orgasms lasting an hour ..or weirdly enough have random orgasms in the oddest parts of the body like the eyeball or big toe. Subtle energies being  used over long distances, are used in healing practices like reiki.

Dreadlocks and energies.

Since we have established that energies exist besides 'known energies" even if they are not proven, their effects are undeniable. 

And we established that hair records our bio electro chemical state at the time of the cells formation and growth. After all the root is tested and can show you drugs you've done your nutritional state and more. these cells die and become your hair. when you dread your essentially connecting every experience to every other.

They amplify who you are. Dreads are often called "spiritual antennas" if you have a lot of negativity they amplify it..and that's when they should be shed (if ever) dreads hold in a lot of energy and when you need to let go of serious trauma or negativity that's really the only time people feel the need to let go (it is better to hold on and benefit from the experience but if its overwhelming its understandable to let go.

Holding in the positive vibrations so you can benefit from them greatly for decades is the greatest thing about growing dreadlocks.

I am not sure some people understand this when they start to dread... I think most are sensitive enough to feel it from early on..

Some however it seems to amplify an inner nastiness. 

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
@☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/27/17 09:44:22AM
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Help! My beautiful dread babies went from vienna sausages to pencils!

Help! Save My Dreads


kylerod7: wow. you are excruciatingly ignorant. First, your hair NEEDS to be clean to have dreads, so your argument against the natural method is immediately invalid. You seem to be trolling at soaring-eagle's picture with his very long but beautiful dreads. He refers to the natural method as the preferred method since the more you get into forcing dreads a certain way (via a method or bad dreadlock products) the more problems you can have and might develop however long you have dreads. You are also incredibly arrogant (which lends itself perfectly to being a doctor!) and judgemental (again, good for doctors!) that you have no hope of ever seeing the forest for the trees. And you keep saying this is the worst dreadlock site ever. Why are you arguing then? Just leave so the rest of us can be free of your pathetic existence. Soaring-eagle's education on dreads is far superior to yours. You can't see past your own method because of your arrogance.  Second, you state you'd rather have nice looking dreads for 3-5 years than "frizzy hobo dreads." Fine, good for you. We are all different and have difference preferences. But having dreads for 3-5 years is nothing. You're just being trendy. If you really love dreads you would be in it for life. Good luck keeping patients if you ever become a doctor. Your level of vitriol does lend itself to becoming a doctor (I have had many encounters with doctors when I was married to my now ex-wife; plenty of them were as arrogant as you. There are rare ones that are actually nice) but it doesn't lend you to actually getting your license to practice medicine. You are obviously a troll so I'll stop feeding you here. Continue on with your life and let others continue with theirs. If you keep showing your ignorance, arrogance, and lack of education about dreadlocks, I see no reason why you are even here. 

You can only tell someone his personality disorders will hurt his career choice so many times. How many times did I warn him that his attitude and aggressiveness would drive patients away far more then even the wildest most crazies completely freeform dreads? I tried to show him that being more civil would be in his best interests...

(and sorry to all who had to read that painful exchange i hate when people  push me to having to call them a moron... climate science deniers ..flat earthers.. and people like him who just attack but have no grasp on logic  or reason)

(and I know theres a flat earth believer ..or globe skeptic that joined sorry to associate you with him)

I really don't  enjoy talking to brick walls ..getting frustrated enough to throw back insults ..

it takes a special kind to push me to that point..


argh..lets bring back the positive vibes!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
@☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/27/17 09:33:13AM
27,753 posts

Help! My beautiful dread babies went from vienna sausages to pencils!

Help! Save My Dreads

Looking for info on Dr. Kyle Rod? Find the truth about Dr. Kyle Rod here.

Sorry this was taken over by Dr. Kyle Rod with his arrogance, disrespect and threats of violence.

Dr. Kyle Rod is an aggressive nasty person who acts like a bully. Beware of Dr. Kyle Rod!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
@☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/27/17 09:25:17AM
27,753 posts

Help! My beautiful dread babies went from vienna sausages to pencils!

Help! Save My Dreads

really? no physical evidence? how about the fact that 100% of the time  when i ask "were they crocheted in the past"  up to 3 years after being crocheted only 1 they say yes

now if you can clearly see the signs they were crocheted once..3 years after that is physical  evidence of how long it takes to recover. its as much physical evidence as if you asked someone missing an eye "did you lose an eye in the past" is completely obvious

I will have to qualify that with "if done tight' very loose extremely minimal crocheting does not always leave signs for 3 years

in fact extremely minimal use might luck out with only a few thousand broken hairs and the only visible sign being  a drastic increase in frizz


there is no point at which it is no longer damaged ..a severed arm is severed forever a broken hairs broken forever

the damage is 100% permenant and irreversible the recovery I speak of is 6 months (typically) before any dreading can even begin, and 3 years to lose the stiffness that makes them hang weird and look so unnatural (not only from an organic point of view, but simply in how they don't hang  and move the way natural hair would)

theres 2 ways to spot this 1 they curl inward around the face presumably  because of how they are held while crocheting or 2 they are bone straight  to the point that you never even see 2 dreads cross over eachother almost like you took a comb with teeth a dreads width apart and perfectly combed them every hour  to keep every 1 in its place. they don't move or hang naturally

that is the only recovery possible its cosmetic it allows the hair to dread fine without constant work..the damage is done and cannot be undone

heres physical proof take a single hair make a loop pinch the 2 loose ends use the hook to try to pull it from your grasp.. 9 times out of 10 it breaks

Panterra caraway on here has been a true expert in the hair care industry (who i turn to when  maintenance harms extreme and maybe beyond my ability to help) shes got 36 or more years experience in hair the 70s they did tip frosting differently then they do now

a small tuft of hair would be pulled through small holes in a form with a crochet hook.. the reason it is no longer  done, the gentle process of pulling hairs through a open hole broke too many hairs

point 2 a hair is 0.01mm the hook 100 times thicker then a hair and in a dread theres no room for a single hair  to simply slide between any other hairs (or youd see light through them yes not even a proton can penetrate through without  a hair being in the way) the hairs cannot simply move out of the way

and who spends 20 grand on dreads  MOST PEOPLE WHO WANT MAINTAINED DREADS so you say 'theres a right way that's safe" AND YOU ALONE CAN DO IT? so you decide your more skilled then the so called pros who ARE WELL KNOWN TO DO EXTREME HARM?

people who go to salons because they think its safer then doing it themselves spend 20-40 grand before ending up bald.. the poor woman in that photo for instance must have spent 40 grand to get that severely screwed up

PHYSICS LESSON in order for a 1 mm hook to penetrate the dread 'carefully" without doing harm  well.. try putting a 1 mm hook through your brain a few thousand times every couple months without   fiber optics  and even tinier devices that can move nerves and  capillaries out of the way ..and be flexible enough to weave in and out of spaces to avoid damaging certain poking hairs breaks them that is established palm rolling does what? causes internal friction  rubbing broken hairs against broken hairs ..many people say when they squeeze crocheted reads theres almost a 'squeaky feeling" (how they described it) you can feel the broken hairs grinding against each other in dreads never crocheted you don't get that, only soft sponginess.  now THE FINAL PROOF OF THE DAMAGE YOUR DOING IS THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE  if the hairs were pulled in why are they not staying in? you are just pulling in the hairs you broke the last time you did a guy walks into a doctors office and says doctor eveeytime i push a needle through my arm it bleeds why am i losing so much blood when i push a needle through my arm everytime i get a scab?


YOUR NOT BIASED? you come on here being extremely aggressive and insulting calling everyone with REAL DREADS ugly cunts? YOU ACT LIKR YOUR WAY IS THE ONLY WAY cause everyone who didn't get fake looking poser dreads  is an ugly cunt and disgusting? THIS IS REALLY YOUR DEFENCE?


ok now this point is sooo fucking funny you made it for me.. you a dread virgin with 3 years experience doing things wrongt are here to tell me ..someone who not only had dreads since you were fucking born but lost my virginity while you were wearing diapers (maybe you losing your virginity while wearing diapers might explain why your so hate filled)

for longer then you been alive i had dreads for longer then you been in school i have helped an estimated 17 million people recover from the things you are doing wrong 20 hours a day  i spend helping multiple people at a time ..i will be on the phone while typing and get 20 replies behind just when i stop to eat

its 6 fucking am and i'm already busy and helping people with dreads usually has me up till 5 every night.. AND 90% OF WHAT I NOW KNOW I LEARNED FROM SEEING PEOPLE LIKE YOU DO HORIBLE THINGS TO THEIR DREADS OVER AND OVER

however there is that 1 in 1000 rule ..the cognitive dissonance factor .. the factor that causes  some special angry delusional retards like you to claim gravity is a lie and  the earth is flat BECAUSE IT MAKES  YOU FEEL BETTER TO IGNORE REALITY AND BELIEVE IN IRRATIONAL DELUSIONS 

fourthly do you understand the word metaphor? a person being handed a phd without earning it is the same as someone buying dreads  without taking the time to earn them.. the result being a piece of shit  angry violent skinhead with dreads.. or the equivalent of a person with an iq of 7 who has a phd

you clearly are not intelligent enough to be a dr if such a simple metaphor hurts your head

where is your dedication your  years of earning your dreads or did you walk into a shop and just get handed them?


DREADLOCKS ARE NOT A HAIRSTYLE THEY ARE A LIFESTYLE until you understand that ..even on a very mundane level then you will not understand dreads and therefore do not deserve to walk around imitating something you clearly do not understand nor do you have even the slightest bit of respect for. every last person with dreads is now looking at you  as a joke, and an insult  and i can guarantee that if even 1 of them suffers from your anger and personality disorders they for sure would shave your head if they ever saw you on the street..millions of people use this site so its a real good thing that your ashamed of your dreads enough to not have shown your face  (admin note: forceful cutting of dreads is assault by law, while I fully understand your overwhelming desire to shave this frauds head I cannot support any such actions)

  GUESS AGAIN PSYCHO many of the members have met me life is very public unfortunately.. i have WAY TOO MANY FRIENDS TO COUNT 

when you search dreadlocks in  most image searches my dreads come up more then once and often 1st

rainbow08wyoming101113.jpgthis photo taken at 18 years is so well known around the world i was temporarily removed from a fb group cause "this is a fake account that photo is all over google" she assumed I wasn't me cause my dreads were too well known

its funny you  question if i even have dreads yet my dreads were the default profile picture which you must have known since you changed yours to 1 we havn't used in about 3 or 4 years

DSCN3418 1.JPGthis is probably most recent photo 

they are about 26 years old there I would guess that's older then you? you sure act like a alcoholic asshole kid ..probly daddy is paying for your school where you say your going to be a dr to please daddy while just being a drunk fool and trying to look cool with imitation dreads huh/

DSCN1575.JPGWho knows if I even have dreads? everyone I ever met, everyone who knows me. Which I am 100000000000000000000000000000000% certain is thousands of times more people then you ever met.

I know a few politicians and CEO''s know I have dreads.. In a funny way the fact you don't know I have dreads  is profound proof of how little you know about dreads!

Again you missed a simple metaphor about cheating cutting corners not putting in the time needed to do things properly.

And you are damn right that is your last message. In fact if you weren't going to leave willingly I was going to remove ya.. Actually I am going to  so you cannot delete this. Your ignorance and disrespect is now part of your permanent record.

Bye Bye

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
@☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/27/17 12:15:37AM
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Help! My beautiful dread babies went from vienna sausages to pencils!

Help! Save My Dreads

question for you

2 people want to get their phds in astrophysics. one starts preparing at a young age, studying hard, graduates hs at 12 earns a doctorate at 15 by 20 is a celebrated physicist 

the 2nd one takes a weekend course and gets handed a paper without putting in the time or learning more then how to count their fingers

both people technically have a phd in astrophysics. But  one has earned the phd. and has great value 

the other has a meaningless piece of paper

that is the diference.. no reads are not dreads  just cause you call them dreads ..they mean nothing to you, or anyone so it doesn't matter what you do to them..they are as worthless as a phd is to someone with an iq of 7



to you they are worthless meaningless hairstyle (the very definition of a wannabe) you think you can be cool without having to have any dedication if you just buy a phd (or dreads) that isn't worth the paper its printed on..or the hair they are made from

i don't know why your arrogance nd nastiness makes you think you have the right to talk to people that way.. people who earned the  thing that you are simply imitating

if you cheat on every exam without learning basic anatomy and physiology. Are you really a doctor? or just a quack with a diploma

when you cheat at anything in life..including dreading you are only cheating yourself

i know i would never trust any doctor that thought  3 years was too long to study basic medicine

and i would never trust anyone for dread advice that thought a few months was too long to wait for dreads to form

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
@☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/26/17 05:13:38PM
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Help! My beautiful dread babies went from vienna sausages to pencils!

Help! Save My Dreads

 you are so right about doctors and arrogance i now have avascular necrosis  because a dr who talked to me 15 seconds knew better then any dr i have seen or the last 30 years straight 

and yea believe me when i tell you i let the world know about that dr too (i should have cgecked 1st  he had very low reviews and most complaints "arrogant asshole does not even listen'

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
@☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/26/17 05:04:24PM
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Natural Method

Dreading Methods

accelerators might increase dryness and itchiness the pink sea salt dreadlockshampoocom makes has some herbs and proteins that probly make it safer to leave on but accelerators should be applied  then rinsed out b4 or after u wash depending on dryness try not looking in mirrors use shadows instead if u  feell the need to fiddle wear something round your neck to play with

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@☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/26/17 12:53:14PM
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On Freedoms Wings We Soar

Dreads as Community Leaders/Builders

So many of you know I have been involved in many things over the years. From uniting rival gangs, and turning dangerous crack bombed hoods into safe loving communities. 

But this 1 program I am involved with has meant the most to me, and everyone else we serve. 

For 36 years we have enabled people with disabilities to soar utilizing specially modified gliders. 

Freedoms Wings International

We have trained disabled glider pilots who hold 2 state records. Our disabled glider pilots are winning regional competitions despite being handicapped, not by disability, but by flying aging 36 year old 2 seat trainers against the most modern high tech racing gliders

Freedoms wings flies out of  2 locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We also have another self funder chapter in florida, and canada has I believe 6 government supported chapters. 

Freedoms wings is a all volunteer organization. Completely funded by tax deductible donations.

We need volunteers and donations to continue doing what we do.

But because this is something that is so important to me and so many others, I want to do more then simply continue what we have done, but do more... Much more.

I want to 1st upgrade our gliders and retrofit 100 gliders owned by private clubs and flight schools around the world, so people with disabilities will have local access to soaring.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
@☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/26/17 12:15:43PM
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Petition to get Soaring Eagle to Write a Book

dreadlockssite appreciation

I am thinking about it.

have been awhile and have a few close friends who are authors. I have been getting a lot more requests to do a lot more.

Im just so busy, a multitasking maniac that's often busy 20 hours a day.

The only way I'd be able to write 1 is if i wrote it while doing other dictated it.

I got so much on my plate right now too.

been flying, starting a new business that might be huge 

i have a passion project that also could be huge but got put on hold i think over a year ago

so  i would like to..and will if i can..

i'll make you a deal.. if any of ya commits to any research that's needed sure i'd love to

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