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03/28/11 04:55:45AM
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Herbs, Natural Remedies Useful to Dreads & Dreadcare

Dread Maintenance

Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies is a church outreach of Good Shepherd Ministries an Evangelical Christian Church. We are a non-profit Christiangroup of natural health professionals committed to helping ALL people to better health through God, healing, education and manufacturing the highest quality tried-and-proven herbal and natural health products. We are not multi-level and our prices are lower than normal. We are Your Complete Health and Herb Source for practitioners, stores and individuals. Courteous service and professional support are backed by years of experience and knowledge in the health food industry. We give clear, concise information to help people understand how nature works at healing, cleansing, and strengthening the body. Learn about Bishop Truman Berst, Master Herbalist and founder of Alternative Health & Herbs Remedies and readhis story. Be sure to check out Trumans public appearance andradio show schedule.

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