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psynapsurfa technoshaman
04/02/11 07:06:09PM
5 posts

diary of a dread abuser

Help! Save My Dreads

this is a classic.... well presented.... and so so true..... good luck bro...

my suggestion would be to attempt to comb and wash all the wax out and then let it be, to grow natural.. or if that does nah work , cu it all of and let it all grow out to start natural again, like mimi did...

either way, you are at the right place.... good luck.

psynapsurfa technoshaman
02/28/11 11:49:39PM
5 posts

i need biblical references to dreadlocks my church kicked me out for wanting to dread

History and Religious Significance

i think leviticos and deuteronomy also has a few verse about it... however, going on SE'swonderful collection i may be wrong..

there is actually conjecture as to whether jesus was a essene or a nazarite.... i have always gone with the nazarite idea, he was from nazareth so it makes sense...

psynapsurfa technoshaman
02/28/11 08:29:33PM
5 posts

What method do you think this lovely lady used???

Dreadlock Picture Gallery

hot girl tho... i agree that they are faked dreads... but, boy, she is smokin
psynapsurfa technoshaman
02/28/11 08:26:51PM
5 posts


Introduce Yourself

when peeps gave me baditty towards me ole dreads, i would say, " well arent you lucky that they be on my head and not yours!"

my gran was the worse... when eva i saw her it was all oooh aah, that hair, oh i dont like deadlocks... so i would say" "best not you grow them then hey nanna"

generally when peeps get to know you they see atrat past the hair, but family are different, as they allready know you, and they feel threatened by the change... and also they get worried about what their strait friends are goin to think of the family...
like your hair is gonna give the whole family, ceond cousins included a bad rep, and that the minister might kick them out of church or people wont buy stuff from their shop or some such crap... well that was my experience anyway...
i just used to wear a tam when i visited.. funnty thing is, my old boy, father, he became a dread too, and then nanna was just horrified!!! crack up...

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