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02/26/11 09:28:59PM
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How I (easily) got rid of dread wax.

Saved Dreads Success Stories

My wax removal story is this large hunk of text down there, but you can skip to the bottom to get the my recommendation and the steps to find your own wax remover.Hello everyone! I only recently got dreads, but I was pretty to learn how to take care of them I went to the internet and found that everyone was, overwhelming, in favor of utilizing wax. So, I used wax. I started to get worried when my hair started to look like candle sticks and was disgusted by how my hair felt, but I didn't go searching for this site to find that wax was actually bad; I just happened upon this site, but I am glad that I did. I had used wax about four times by the time I read this site and I was worried that I would have to start over. Then, I saw that there was a solution! But, I would have to pay for it (the body splash stuff) so that definitely put a kink in my wax removal hopes. So, being the cheap person that I am I made a little experiment for wax removal. I took the perpetrator (the wax) to the bathroom and rubbed a glob of it on my hand and put it under varying temperatures of water... none of it came off. I was expecting this, but every good scientist knows that you need a control. I wiped what I had on my hand off with a towel as to reset the experiment and began to test all of the hair and soap products in my house by putting wax on my hand, rubbing the product on, and then trying to wash it off with water. I tested how much wax there was by just touching my hand with an unwaxy body part (hand, face, etc.). Two products showed promise, and they were Nizoral: anti-dandruff shampoo and the big winner was Palmer's Olive Oil Formula with Vitamin E: Replenishing Conditioner. The latter got almost all of the wax off of my hand! After washing my hair with it I found clumps of wax on the bottom of the tub (I had no idea that I used that much!) and my hair felt softer with only a little bit of stickiness. After the second wash the wax was completely gone and I know this because I had my hair re-backcombed and absolutely no traces of it were found. The Palmer's Olive Oil Formula with Vitamin E: Replenishing Conditioner probably left some residue in my hair, but i can probably get that out with some non-residue shampoo.If you have wax in your hair I would not recommend that you buy anything when you can just find something that will do the trick that is already in your house. If you can't find anything then I would recommend that you get what I used because it works 100% after 2 washes, but I seriously doubt that you won't be able to find anything. Now go forth and purge your poor dreads of wax!Experiment Procedure to find your own remover ( in case you missed it)Step 1: Establish a control by rubbing the specific brand of wax you had on your hand and running it under water. Note amount of wax left behind.Step 2: Rub wax off with towel and put a similar amount back on in an even, thick coat.Step 3: Apply hair or soap product and rub into waxy hand. Put hand under water and get off of your hand what will come off. Note waxiness.Step 4: Reset for next product.Once you get one that takes most or all of the wax off you can go to wash your hair. Good luck!
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