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01/20/12 05:33:02PM
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beautiful inspirational dreadlock pictures

Dreadlock Picture Gallery


Chevelle Trant said:

Thought he was beautiful,, anyone else agree,,,lol

updated by @amanda5: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
03/08/12 09:52:29PM
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super clean dreads (safe for baby locks too)

Dread Maintenance

so i wonder, as someone who used wax for a long time before finding this beautiful community... I read all of this info, and i thought about taking the extreme to get the wax out, but i just couldn't bring myself to putting that much work into it... sounds horribly lazy right, well i guess it is just that. :) . but, with quite a bit of growth and a half years worth of bs washes the wax that is left in my hair, and i know there is some(if not alot), what harm is it actually doing? and how much would it change the way my dreads are right now?

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