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11/26/11 02:02:36PM
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dreads and jobs

dreads jobs employment issues

I work in an agriculturalsupplies store in scotland and i had no bother getting my job with dreads. I just need to keep it tied back cos it looks a bit wild and mental when its all set free hee hee

i dont think i have had any funny looks and no one has been nasty i have one strange customer who has more issues with my lip piercing than my dreads i have now conquered that nemasis and he is friendly enough he asks for me and calls me dready! haa so i just go with that!

I had funnier looks when i had bright coloured hair but now its in dreads its just a kinda natural reddy brown...from a bottle! so no issues there! i keep em clean and no one has an issue!

i think it depends on your employer and your attitude if you are a nice person and that shows through then thats all you can do other than that if they still dont like you its their loss...aint my problem! I try so thats all i can do.