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Kristina P
04/19/13 10:36:51PM
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Two questions.

General Questions

I use a hairdryer every day, it should be ok, just low setting. I also concentrate on my scalp, my dreads stay wet but not dripping.

You would rather slow the process down a bit than get mold in your dreads.

just use normal, as in no chemicals or softeners, shampoo. What kind of shampoo do you use?

Kristina P
04/02/13 12:41:41PM
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i need biblical references to dreadlocks my church kicked me out for wanting to dread

History and Religious Significance

Idon'tknow if anyone has said this but the question is wrong.... Whatdoesn'tthe bible say about it...

1 Corinthians 10:31ESV

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

when the bibledoesn'tsay something about a certain subject, as long as it is not breaking the overall 10commandments, you have grace. Do all for the glory of God. Your church is being legalistic and altho you may love your church and the people in it, they are hurtful to the body of Christ.

In the end you need to decide if having dreadlocks is right, but nowhere does the bible or God condemn it.

[I'm 47 years old, a veryconservativereformed christian with tattoos and dreadlocks, which I only started getting after I was 40]

I am still the body of Christ and I am to be a witness to the world. Can I still witness with tats and dreads? oh yes! and so can you. let us know how your journey goes.


Kristina P
04/01/13 05:25:05PM
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Why did I open my Big Mouth?

Dreadlocks Journey Emotional Support

Im 47 years old and my mother said the exact same thing.....

Kristina P
04/01/13 05:22:17PM
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Heavy Heart :(

Life Issues Facing Dreads

oh gawd girl, you are beautiful!

I'm so sorry hubby is being this way.

Luckily my 'very much set in his ways' hubby loves them and tells me if I'm gonna have them, I'm to wear them down and rock em.

Have a heart to heart with him, ask him what about it makes him so mad. Try to alleviate his 'fears'.

Keep us posted, maybe we can hook you up with a nice dreaded guy on here, lol

Kristina P
04/01/13 01:58:36PM
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Bath Salts

Dread Maintenance

Not the bad kind!

So, I have these bath salts and they smell AMAZING~!

was wondering if i could use them with/as my salt and essential oil spray

the ingredients are sodium chloride, laureth-9 and fragrance.

The smell is vanilla and blackberry, they are from World Market.

thanks, Kristina

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Kristina P
03/22/13 02:05:06PM
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Does Crocheting dreads make them NOT loop up?

crochet and dread tools recovery

Disclaimer: not gonna do it, just curious..

Does crocheting [andmaintaining] locs keep them fromdoingthe freeform loopy scrunching thing?

I see so many pictures of locs [on Facebook] and the girls are neat, tidy long, straight locs and the guys are loopy, less manicured natural looking [mostly, in general]

So many questions.....

updated by @kristina-p: 01/13/15 09:49:37PM
Kristina P
03/04/13 01:10:49PM
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Extensions! Help!

Introduce Yourself

The wrapping sounds good, does anyone have a tutorial of that? I'd like a few of mine wrapped longer and would love some temporary color!

Kristina P
02/27/13 08:01:42PM
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2 Dread Theories

General Talk

So, Ihavebeen pondering these two things. Let me know if right, wrong, crazy or just thinking far too much.

1. Dreadedhairthat gets washed by rubbing shampoo/cleaner on thenrinsingoff produces better dreaded grow out than hair that just gets water/cleaner/bs-acv poured on.

{I do the rubbing the scalp with the shampoo method and my new growth seems to be pretty dreaded]

2. The hair near the neckline doesn't dread as fast/well because it does not get much contact with sun/elements/products and sits where it can get oily. [on the skin]

[the reason for this is, I have a drullet. short tight dreads everywhere except the neckline]

What has anyone else experienced? don't forget to mention your hair texture!

updated by @kristina-p: 01/13/15 09:47:54PM
Kristina P
01/17/13 05:36:03PM
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moisturizing/conditioning dreadlocks

Dread Maintenance

i have some conditioner that is in a spray bottle, i spray on my hands and wipe lightly on just the dreads. Only did it once in 5 months, but it helped

Kristina P
07/30/11 12:57:08PM
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Conditioner on my 7 month old Dreads

Dread Maintenance

Ok, I know this sounds crazy, but I was a bit tired of the scratchiness of my hair at 7 months in, so I put some conditioner on my hair, let it sit for a minute or two. then rinsed out.

It was crazy! I thought my whole head of hair would never come apart. The tips were all stuck together and the roots were like all bunched up in one big pile on my head. Crazy!

i spent the next few minutes sperating.

So, I don't know about anyone else, but maybe a bit of conditioner on a well forming dread head might be the answer to a kick-start - at the very least, it will make your hair feel a bit softer.

[i have white girl hair, fine, and mostly dreaded, i wash every other day with shampoo]

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