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Daniel Ewetuya
@Daniel Ewetuya
01/03/11 03:21:42AM
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Areas/ Countries Accepting of Locks?

Life Issues Facing Dreads

Hi jessmess, I also had similar concerns seeing as i'm a dread virgin lol. Well to answer your question, yes there are parts of the world that frown on the idea of accepting dreadlocks in the professional world but the fact is they where ever it is you work, they are just gonna have to tolerate your looks..In certain parts of Africa, they frown upon it but don't really address the issue if the person is a foreigner. And seeing as they'll be gaining from your services, it'll be unwise to piss off the for certain parts of Asia, I honestly don't know, but I do know for a fact that a lot of asian hair professionals don't like afircan hair, let alone dreads because it's too hard to work with...either way, I advice you to go to a place that respect or at least tolerates differences in personal culture..Plus I really don't see a problem if you dress appropriately...In case you encounter any opposition in asia (if you end up working there) let them know that you are well aware of the fact that they hold their culture is high regards and expect tourists to do so as if they want you to uphold that tradition, they have to respect your culture in return...

Don't be afraid to be yourself..heck, you're way ahead of me in this dread journey and i'm barely starting..if you can last this long i'm sure you'll show that your character and your accomplishments are more important than your looks..even though they are an extension of who you are lol

Daniel Ewetuya
@Daniel Ewetuya
12/30/10 03:23:44PM
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making the right coice

General Talk

hey guys!

Seeing as this is a dreadlock forum yall probably know what im going to ask but bare with me. You see, all my life i've lived under the limited personified perceptions of my parents and was forced to adjust my looks according to societal ordeals..I'm originally from nigeria but i really see myself as a human being..anyways to cut the long story short,i just need a change better yet a break from the expectations of everyone in this industrial world..i just wanna be hopefully, letting my hair do what it wants is the first step..i already have s medium sized fro and everyone's already criticizing me..but i really don't give a hoot..ther, im done ranting lol

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Daniel Ewetuya
@Daniel Ewetuya
01/03/11 03:29:17AM
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dreaducation, comprehensive guide to all things dready

Dreading Methods

you know you don't have to type it, there are writers who use tap recorders in place of a type writer or a labtop..then they hire someone to do all the never know, i also see a book in all this

soaringeagle said:
well, i would
but i'd feel horrible if the editor committed suicide after having to deal with all my typos