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12/11/10 09:28:38AM
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my dreads are very short....

Dread Maintenance

Your hair shrinks when it locks up - so it get short before it gets longer...and then over time it periodically shrinks and grows long. Grin it bear it haha - one day you'll have the problem that your dreadlocks get stuck in your arm pits becaue they are too long or you always think someoen is touching your ass (when it's really just your hair that *somehow* got long).

12/11/10 09:22:15AM
3 posts

Feeling the need to "tidy up"

Introduce Yourself

I swear by Apple Cider Vinegar rinses every now again. It's really easy to make....just take one part apple cider vinegar to three parts water and soak in on your scalp and hair and then rinse. It restores pH and removes film.

If you are having scalp issues - grab some fresh rosemary and boil it in like 2 cups water to make rosemary water (im sure you could probablyt use rosemary tea too) and then add that to the apple cider vinegar (1 part vin to 3 parts water/rosemary water). Your scalp will love you....

By the way - when I first started working in the "real world" I was self conscious about my locks because no one else had them -- I used to tie them up, put headbands around them, etc. Then one day my hair was down because I was the only one in the office, then my boss came in and I forgot that my hair was down - but she didn't say anything. It doesn't matter what you do to your dreads - one way or another you have dreadlocks, it becomes an issue of how comfortable you feel with them. Hang in there Mama

SukiBug said:

I do have some wraps and tend to wear them head-band-style, as I find that when I wrap my entire head I look like I'm undergoing cancer treatment instead of sporting a fabulous look. :)

Do you have any suggestions for wraps? I was just hunting for a picture to use here for my profile, I realized that I really don't have any! I'll have to fix that... :)

Thank you!

Knottysleeves said:

Pics? I'm sure they don't look nearly as "untidy" as you think. :-)

I do government consulting and I've always worn my dreads in updos and wraps... never had a problem, ever. Wraps are great because you can even do them in a way that hides the dreads entirely, if that's what you need.

12/11/10 08:57:37AM
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cutting dreads? donate to cancer patients

General Talk

Make that two pledges....I'm a little nervous to shed these locks but I think the time has come...especially if someone else who needs them will have them...

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